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  • Online Education Research Paper

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    The Hot New Trends Coming To Online Education In 2018 When education started moving online it seemed as though it was a shift mostly designed for adults who wanted to further their education, but couldn't balance classes with their work schedules. It opened up a whole new world to those who had never gone to college or had struggled to finish as life got in the way. It had seemed as though online education would stay focused on adults, however, as with any technological advancement, things change

  • Organizational Plan For Organization Plan

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    Organization Plan Functions Production Create eLearning product in multitude of formats utilizing equipment, resources and time effectively and efficiently. Production is also involved with the marketing of the product and providing materials and resources to Vendor Management and after-market support. Web/IT Create, manage and trouble shoot for website which will be one conduit for selling product. Legal Consult Consult on copyright, partner agreements, and legal responsibilities in selling

  • The Final Objective In The Fys Syllabus Is The Ability

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    The final objective in the FYS syllabus is the ability for students to think metacognitively. Metacognition is the ability to think about one’s thinking or the ability to “…plan, monitor, and assess one’s understanding and performance.” (Chick). To see the importance of metacognition, one must first imagine a student who cannot think metacognitively. This means that the student would not be able to determine where they are academically and what fields they excel in and which they do not. They also

  • Challenges For Project Management

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    awards to prove it!) In addition, I recognize that most people who want to obtain this certification do not have time to sit through a 35 hour class nor want to sit through 35 hours of video instruction. Therefore, I break the concepts down into microlearning bites that are interactive and entertaining and add gamification learning to the process. A. Give your “pitch” for the investor or lender, summarizing in a sentence what funding is needed and what the repayment or ROI will be for them; Funding

  • What Does The Future Of Human Resources? Essay

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    What does the future of Human Resources (HR) look like and is your organization prepared to handle those changes? Literature indicates that there is a significant overhaul underway and emerging in the field of HR particularly with respect to its role in the twenty-first century. Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan, interviewed several top human capital HR offices (i.e. Deloitte and Marriott) and concluded the name and function of HR is experiencing an immense transformation. This revolution is requiring