Middle schools

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  • My Experience In Middle School

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    I still get nightmares about my horrid middle school days. Especially seventh and eighth grade, those were the absolute worst. I still have flashbacks of horribly straightened bangs covering my eyes, black versions of my uniform I would dress myself in, and what I now call emo music I would drown myself in. The memory I won’t be able to ever forget however was on September second of my last year of middle school. Throughout that entire year I was a complete mess. I was crying and sobbing over trivial

  • Middle School Persuasive Speech

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    Middle school is a weird time for everyone I am pretty sure. The three-year time period is filled with hormones, drama, and stinky boys who have yet to learn the wonders of deodorant. You find friends, lose friends, everyone begins to get their first phones, you start “dating”, and you gain a whole new taste of freedom that you never had before that first day. All is which to be expected, but the one thing you can not prepare an 11-year-old girl, who has lived in a tight perfect bubble her whole

  • Short Story: Levi Middle School

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    He struts into class, cutting up, and playing around. I put my head down, hoping he wouldn’t see me. When I look up he’s at his desk kidding with his buddies. Around the middle of class I start to wonder if he would bother me again. “PSST!” I hear. “PSSSSTTT!” I hear again. It’s Sam, Great. “Hey Joshy!” whispers Sam. “What do you want?” I reply softly. “Your so--” “Is there a problem boys?” interrupts Mrs. Fields. “No ma’am no problem at all,” Sam replied cheerfully. “Actually there is a problem

  • Middle School Backpacks: Middle And High School

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    Throughout my years of middle and high school I have witnessed the struggle of finding a backpack suitable for every thing I ever wanted to carry. There were the little elementary school backpacks we all purchased due to our favorite cartoon characters being on the front. They were pretty fashionable but lacked organization. Most of the time they had only one big capartment and no other pockets. Therefore, we were forced to shove all of our books, pencils, rulers, lunches, etc, in that one compartment

  • Narrative Essay On Middle School Basketball

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    It all began on November 3, 2015 during my first middle school basketball tournament. The grey brick walls of the gymnasium looking more like a prison than a school. The school’s “Lincoln Park Elementary School” sign had graffiti and missed a couple letters from the name. The court was terribly small, but we began by playing the superb team of Jam on It. We were blown out and I headed back up to my mom and dad in the parent filled stands. The game wasn’t even fun to play and we looked like third

  • Middle School And High School

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    Middle school and high school were very different for me. Both schools lack diversity and consisted of people just like me, but in middle school everyone’s identity were practically the same. I attended Catholic school until high school and had all white classes until then too. Throughout middle school I was a rather mischievous student who did not place academics too highly on my list of priorities, so I was often making the teacher’s job much harder than it needed to be. If not for how involved

  • Stereotypes Of Middle School

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    Middle school tends to be those three years of your adolescence that you do not reminisce on, strictly because your hair was an odd shape and your body goes through some irregular changes. Hormones are raging at that point in your life; puberty is marking its

  • Information Behaviour of Middle School Students Essays

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    The 21st century school library is the hub of student learning with librarians helping with research, encouraging students to read for enjoyment and developing their information literacy skills. All these aspects are important for the current generation of students who have been “raised with easy familiarity with video games, email, instant messaging…Web 2.0 social networking habits, they have developed patterns of engagement that are different from those of earlier generations.” (Godwin, 2008,

  • My Middle School

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    Going into my middle school years I was so scared of what was to come. People would tell me stories of bullies and lots of homework, and the book “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” didn’t really help with my anxiousness. When August 18th, 2014 came around all the frightening tales people told me went away. My middle school years ended up being a time where I made new friends, went on amazing trips, and learned fascinating things. My trip to Spain was full of culture I had never experienced

  • Middle School Memory

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    Most of my middle school Memory was sports and making friends while playing sports. I didn't have very many friends when I first came to middle school and I wasn't always very athletic. I became interested in cheer in 6th grade, so I tried out and it turns out I actually made it. I gained a lot of friends from participating in this sport, so I tried out for volleyball next. All of my friends were doing it and I thought it would be fun. It turned out to be the best experience to share with all of