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  • How To Write A Case Study Middleborough

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    Chapter One – Introduction First of all, the community profile will identify and describe the characteristics of Middleborough illustrating current population levels, employment status, disease prevalence and life span expectancies as well as a rationalization for choosing the area itself. Secondly, chapter two will discuss and detect potential causes for the manifestation of eating disorders; the national statistics of the UK will be explored and compared to the prevalence within Middleborough.

  • Our Road To The Winter Swot Analysis

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    Today we make our way to the coast at Saltburn. The route visits Captain Cook’s Monument on Easby Moor and Roseberry Topping – ‘Yorkshire’s Matterhorn’. The trail continues into Guisborough Woods, where we leave the moors behind. At Highcliffe Nab there are spectacular views over Guisborough and, on a clear day, the North Sea is visible. From Kildale our route crosses the river Leven and then follows the road to Bankside Farm. The farmhouse building reflects the style of a Danish longhouse. Traditionally

  • Community Profile Essay

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    improvement issues in the town of Middlesbrough. Whilst these health improvement issues cover such things as alcohol and drug misuse, from the reports, statistics and studies, it is clear that the key and predominant health related improvement issue in the town of Middlesbrough, is smoking. The Middlesbrough Health Profile 2012 says that ‘smoking is one of the main priorities for improvement in this area; approximately 30,000 people smoke in Middlesbrough’ (Middlesbrough JSNA, 2012). As a result of this

  • What Is A Community Profile?

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    all areas of United Kingdom (UK), in some areas more than others, the purpose of this community profile is to analyse a certain area within the North East of England and concentrate on a particular health inequality, in this case smoking within Middlesbrough and how as nurses this can be dealt with using health promotion ensuring the health and well-being of the community is paramount and also defining health. There are numerous definitions of health and well-being, a widely used definition comes from

  • Caroline Newby And Jhony Case

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    LAW IN ACTION RESEARCH REPORT REPORT- SECTION 1 CASE 1- BULLIED PUPILS LOSE FIGHT FOR £50,000 DMAGES THE TYPE OF LEGAL PROCEEDING: The type of legal proceeding was a civil case. THE TYPE OF COURT: The type of court is magistrate court. THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE CASE: The school that Caroline Newby and Jamie Bright sued against is the accused. Caroline Newby and Jamie Bright are the victim of this case. The court personnel and legal professions are; Recorder Julian Goose QC; solicitor, Diane

  • Sexual Abuse and the Changing Nature of Vicarious Liability

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    Case note Sexual abuse and the changing nature of vicarious liability Case: Various Claimants v Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools [2012] UKSC 5: [2012] 3 W.L.R. 1319 (SC) According to Steele, vicarious liability is defined as an employer being found liable for the tort of his or her employee, provided that tort is sufficiently connected with the individual’s employment. On the face of it, this definition seems straightforward and clear, however you only need to look at the plethora

  • Alain De Botton's The Pleasures And Sorrows Of Work

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    Language is utilised widely in prose non-fiction texts to convey ideas to their readers. Alain de Botton’s ‘The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work’, displays an extensive use of language in the satirical analysis which aims to convey the idea of man’s distorted value in the workplace. Alain’s imperative style engages the reader into the inevitable truth of the cruel world of work, in which he establishes his critical view of today’s day and age. He opens up the timeless and controversial topic regarding

  • Essay On Admiral Jervis

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    a worldwide scale for over 10 years. In spite of such certification by Admiral Jervis, proof can in any case be seen of the reference point cautioning towers manufactured in the occasion of such an intrusion, for instance, at Eston Nab, close Middlesbrough. The British Army gave long haul backing to the Spanish rebelliousness in the Peninsular War of 1808–1814. Secured by geology, helped by huge Spanish guerrilla movement, and in some cases falling back to monstrous earthworks (The Lines of Torres

  • Hunt Cliff

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    This section provides an excellent introduction to the beautiful coastline of the nationally important Heritage Coast. The route reveals enticing sandy beaches and sheltered bays, rocky shorelines and towering cliffs, and visits the picturesque village of Staithes. The walking is relatively straightforward, although it does involve climbing from sea level three times; a total ascent of 2582 feet (787m). Within a few minutes of leaving Saltburn, we are walking along the cliff-top to Hunt Cliff. The

  • Crime, Racism, And Prevention

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    Crime, racism, drugs, alcohol, AIDS, child labour, polygamy, child abuse, unemployment, homelessness, poverty and rape are prime examples which help define the notion social problems (SPs) (Best, 1989). Sociologist often define SPs as arrangements that fail to work within society (Bassis, Gelles, and Levine, 1982:2), which are seen and viewed widely as a problem, are caused by human action and affect a mass of people (Farley, 1987:2, Gusfield,1989). Welfare societies create policies and legislation