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    individuals must be overjoyed and pursue happiness. However, others would describe their lives as a joke. To be precise, many would be ashamed of who they are. A very strong example of an ashamed soul would be Calliope, the main protagonist of Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. In the story, Eugenides tells the tale of Callie, who is supposedly a monster because she is a hermaphrodite. Being a hermaphrodite indicates that someone has the sex organs associated with both genders. By definition, Callie

  • The Lovely Bones And Middlesex

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    Throughout The Lovely Bones and Middlesex, Alice Sebold and Jeffrey Eugenides, respectively, articulate the emotional journeys that both of their characters endure when faced with grief. Although they bear similarities, such as how both characters are able to move towards the idea of acceptance, the differences between The Lovely Bones and Middlesex are clear in the paths that each character takes in the various stages of grief to reach their destination of inner peace. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a Swiss-American

  • "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides

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    Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides, inner struggles are paralleled with each setting. Taking place in the twentieth century each setting plays a significant role in explaining a theme in the novel. Fleeing Greece in a time of war and entering Detroit Michigan as immigrants parallel later events to the next generation of kin fleeing Grosse Pointe Michigan to San Francisco. These settings compliment a major theme of the novel, society has always believed to be missing something in their life and attempted

  • Middlesex by Jeffry Eugenides

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    Middlesex by Jeffry Eugenides is a book about Calliope “Cal” Stephanides. In the beginning of the book, Cal, as he likes to be referred to as, tells us about his condition. Cal has a 5-Alpha-Reductase pseudohermaphrodite which is, simply put, a condition that affects the sexual development of males before the birth of the child and also during puberty. In Middlesex, incestuous marriages were secretly accepted among the villagers which resulted in Cal being conceived by cousins. Before Cal’s birth

  • Overview (Salinas):. Kean University Is A Public University

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    Overview (Salinas): Kean University is a public university located in Union, New Jersey and was founded in 1855. Kean University offers many different services to their students enrolled, including one of the most popular department on campus, The Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid is devoted to offering different services and information to students attending Kean. Located on first floor of the Administration Building, The Office of Financial Aid is open Monday through

  • Monroe Township And New Jersey

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    Monroe, along Route 33, and on CR 615. Monroe Township has a total of 42.2 square miles which is equivalent to 109.3 km. 41.9 square miles is land, and .258 square miles of water. At 42 square miles, Monroe Township is the largest municipality in Middlesex County in terms of total area. Major communities in Monroe include, Clearbrook Park, population 2,667, Concordia, population 3,092, Rossmoor, population 2,666, and Whittingham, population 2,476. Those are unincorporated communities, and census designated

  • Essay on Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

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    INTERTWINED BEGINNINGS: Middlesex is an outline of the life of Calliope Stephanides who grew to the age of fourteen believing that she was a girl with unnatural thoughts for the same sex. As puberty takes hold of her friends and classmates, both Calliope and her family begin to worry about the growing gap between her and the average teenage girl; this marks the beginning of a new life for Calliope who finds she is really a he. Under the new name, Cal, this individual struggles with identity

  • Jeffrey Eugenides’s book Middlesex Essay

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    In Jeffrey Eugenides’s book Middlesex, Calliope Stephanide tells the story of not only her transformation, but also the world’s transformation into a completely different entity. Brother and sister become husband and wife, Greeks become Americans, and, most importantly, a young girl becomes a man. Along with being a transformative novel, Middlesex is also considered a modern epic. It is an epic account that retells the history of a recessive chromosome that made its way into the life of the main

  • "Middlesex" by Jeffery Eugenides Essay

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    Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides, story on events from the past affect the future. Incestuous love between a brother and sister produced a mutated gene that would affect the eventual grand-daughter morphing to a grand-son. Jeffrey Eugenides suggests that society always believes to be missing something in their life; attempting to fill the missing piece producess in mixed outcomes of good and bad. Tessie, the love child of a brother and sister, focuses on a desire for a daughter for a different

  • Middlesex By Jeffrey Eugenides Essay Questions

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    Middlesex Final Test Prompt 2: In the event of Cal working for the Sixty-Niners in the book Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, he learns to come to terms with both himself and his gender identity. An example would be how when Cal joined the Sixty-Niners, he met other hermaphrodites like Zora who taught him how to come to terms with himself and supported him throughout the process. This is shown in the quote “‘Look at you. No one would ever know.” “I want people to know, Cal.” “How come?” Zora folded