Mieko Harada

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  • Chapter 13: A Narrative Fiction

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    I pressed my pale face against the window of the old Sacred Heart Hospital. It was a cold day in January, the month where nothing really happens, at least here. I looked out on the street to see the normal things, cars, kids, bikes, and the occasional waitress from the restaurants down stairs. Nothing unusual. “ IVY!, my mom said “ What do you think you are doing!” She pulled me away from the window. “ You know if people see us they will get suspicious!” she explained. “It's

  • Short Story Of A Story

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    PARAGRAPH #1 October 14th 1985 lighting every second a very stormy night.Dark night.Amelia and Jake.Brother and sister.They were walking home and jake saw a path they had never been down or seen so he ran down it his sister now noticing and ran after him screaming “JAKE” She found him after a minute.A mild wind was there in that path but still cold.She had lost her umbrella to the wind cause it got stronger the farther they walked.They heard creepy voices it would say “HELP” “HELP” “AHHHHH”. After