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  • Miep Gies Thesis

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    Miep Gies was an important person during the holocaust. She hid Anne Frank and her family along with 4 others in a secret annex for more than 2 years. Under pressure of being caught, Miep did a great job at supplying the hidden Jews with all the things they needed to survive. You may just know Miep as the girl who hid Anne Frank's family, but she was more than that. Miep Gies was "born in Vienna, Austria in 1909 as Hermine Santrouschitz."(www.auschwitz.dz) Her family was poor in effect of the war

  • Essay On Miep Gies

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    Miep Gies one of many people who helped survivors of the holocaust born February 15, 1909-January 11, 2010. Helped hide a Jewish girl named Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis during World War ll. Miep Gies born into a working-class of a catholic family in Vienna. At age 11 she was sent to the Netherlands to live with a foster family who nicknamed her Miep her birth name is Hermine Santrouschitz. Miep Gies was a secretary working for Otto Frank in a small company in Amsterdam that made a substance

  • Essay on Sparking the Change: Miep Gies

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    change the life of someone forever. Miep Gies, a woman who once went unknown to the world, once said, “But even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can, within their own small ways, turn on a small light in a dark room.” (Goodreads 1). The woman who went unheard of by the world around her, turned on this light during the dark experiences of World War II. From being a small business secretary to saving the lives of people around her, Miep Gies made a name for herself, and that name

  • Miep Gies: The Frank Family

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    family and brought them food? Miep Gies, once a simple worker for Otto Frank now his life and family savior. Miep Gies helped the Frank family in hiding along with a jew she hid in her apartment. She became a trusted employee to the Frank family. Miep was looking for a job in her town, employment for young was low. One day a friend who is a traveling salesman, who lives one floor under Miep’s apartment brought her a job offer, a jam company managed by Otto Frank. Miep took the job without hesitation

  • Theseus And Miep Gies Analysis

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    racist or not humanly and make a risk for it. Jackie Robinson acted heroically because he changed baseball for many races. Theseus Acted heroically because he killed a minotaur that people feared. Miep Gies Acted heroically because she risked her life to save jews. Although Robinson, Theseus and Miep Gies had many different experiences, when the time came, they all acted very heroically. First Jackie Robinson acted heroically when people used to be racist so he changed The way baseball can

  • The Resistance Of Miep Gies During The Holocaust

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    The Holocaust was a very hard time for everyone. Miep Gies was one of the people in the group that helped hide Anne Frank and the rest of her family. Although Miep Gies didn't think of herself as an heroic women she is very heroic in many ways. The Holocaust affected everyone, I believe that the it is a very hard and emotional topic to talk about. There were many different resistance efforts throughout the Holocaust. On 12 September 1942, the town was assaulted by about 150 partisan soldiers who

  • Miep Gies Otto Frank Is Not A Hero

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    Miep Gies was not a hero. Miep Gies worked for Otto frank, during world war II Miep helped hide Otto Frank and his family. Anne Frank was Otto Franks daughter. She is known for the diary she wrote during world war II. Her diary showed what world war II was like for Anne and her family who were Jews in hiding. In the memoir ¨Anne Frank Remembered¨ written by Miep Gies she states ¨More than 20 thousand Dutch people helped hide the Jews and others in need of hiding during those years¨(11). This provides

  • Anne Frank Remembered By Miep Gies Analysis

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    In the book Anne Frank Remembered By Miep Gies, the theme is thought. Thought is used throughout the book when Miep thinks about Jewish men and women in the war, is constantly selfless, and she thinks very wisely. Miep definitely thinks a lot throughout the book. For instance, Miep thinks about all the Jewish men, women, and children. Miep feels horrible that all the people have to suffer. Miep herself helps her own bunch of Jews survive. “My head churned with the contradictory bit of information

  • Hermine Santrouschitz Essay

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    and Mr. Frank quickly became friends and Miep was excited to

  • Anne Frank Remembered: Review Essay

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    autobiography of Miep Gies, the woman who helped the Frank family survive during their two years in hiding. Her book is a primary source or first hand account of the persecution of Jewish people in Nazi occupied Holland during the second world war. It is also the first hand account of the hiding of Jews such as the Frank family, the Van Daan family, and Dr. Albert Dussel during this time.      In regard to the book's autobiographical format, the author, Miep Gies, does not present