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  • Personal Narrative Essay : Sweet Childhood Memories

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    Sweet Childhood Memories We all have a beautiful place in our mind. I have a wonderful place that make me happy. Perhaps out of all my siblings I was the only one who believed that this place was amazing. This place has created many memories in the past and still till this day creating more memories. In my eyes my father’s house is the best thing that happen to me in my childhood. As I visit my father’s house it brings me back to my childhood. My father lives in Fairport, Ohio and

  • How Modern Works Help Embrace the Classical

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    The tale of Hero and Leander, a story birthed from ancient Greek mythology, is a powerful story captured through the words of Christopher Marlowe in his almost epic poem “Hero and Leander.” Although Christopher Marlowe was unable to complete this work before his untimely death, his poem lived on to be know as one of his masterpieces. His work has spawned multiple remixes, each with their own style and value. The excerpt of “Hero and Leander” we will focus on is the very beginning of the poem

  • Lord of the Flies: A View to the Evilness of Mankind Essay

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    Lord of the Flies: A View to the Evilness of Mankind There is hardly ever a man clever enough to recognize the full extent of the evil he does. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, one could argue that man, in the state of nature, is born evil. The boys in the novel, represent a metaphorical idea in which they are born unto the island, and manifest mankind’s true nature. As the story progresses, the boys construct a society and ruin it. They revert to the primitive association

  • Song Analysis : Fast Car By Tracy Chapman

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    the song fast car by Tracy Chapman, the incredible singer/songwriter will do just that. She will render an image so graphic, and so dramatic, that you will swear that you were walking in the shoes of the woman she sings about in her song. The gracefully flowing melody and emotionally evolving lyrics transport you through an undeniably extraordinary journey of joy and sorrow, all within the confines of a four minute and fifty-nine second song. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman is a powerful song about a

  • Negative Essay On Technology For Animals

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    Technology for Animals Often technology is taken too far but is technology for animals taking it too far? Thinking about it there is technology for animals which has been around for quite some time just not anything too crazy. Technology that has been around since 2003 is a tracker that is most commonly used on birds working as GPS tracking. Like technology for humans it can have positive and negative effects It can be helping the animals for example a 3D printing of a bird’s beak or hurting them

  • The Cow Taught Me How

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    The Cow Taught Me How “Life is dangerous, that’s what makes it interesting.” - John Twelve Hawks The best thing I ever did for myself was throw a stick at a cow. Not an overly extravagant accomplishment, but I certainly learned a lot from it. Just a little over six years into the world, on a day so hot I could practically taste burnt air, my father took my two sisters and me down to the barn. It wasn’t the most attractive place in the world, but to my eyes it was an adventure waiting to happen

  • The Lord Of The Flies: Scene Analysis

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    When scenes from William Golding’s novel, The Lord of the Flies, have been deleted, the story becomes packed with nonstop fascination. Because The Lord of the Flies is way too long, cuts need to be made. William Golding incorporates many scenes into the book that are unnecessary; therefore, several scenes are to be deleted from the book to bring out the overall importance of the story. However, there are certain scenes that are to be left alone to preserve the meaning of the book about how society

  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Purchase A New Car

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    After many long hours of planning, researching, contemplating, and pleading, I had finally talked my dad into helping me buy a new car. However, it was not just any car. My dad had found me a zippy, shimmering gold color, 2006 convertible Volvo. It was beautiful! The tan leather was in pristine condition. The exterior had no scratches, dents, or marks of any kind. The gold color glistened in the sunlight as if each speck of glitter was a flame. The cream colored carpet was spotless. The speedometer

  • Lord Of The Flies By William Golding

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    There is a little evil deep down beneath most people. Lord of the Flies, by Nobel-Prize winning English author William Golding,describes the journey of a group of young boys who wake up stranded on an deserted island and describes how they try to survive, all while trying to get rescued. The struggles of survival demonstrate the savagery and transformation of some boys adapting to the environment on the island. Many of the boys become wild animals although there are three in particular who show their

  • Narrative Essay About The First Day Of School

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    “Ahh”, Ronnie yawns, as he gets up for his first day of school. The door creeks open as his mom peeks inside to check if Ronnie is awake. His mom in her calm soothing voice asks, “Are you excited for your first day of school?” Ronnie sees in his mother’s eyes that she herself was excited for him to start middle school. Ronnie replies, “Not really.” He was, however, excited to see his friends that he hasn’t seen since summer break. Ronnie gets up and dresses up in the best outfit he could find