Mikhail Baryshnikov

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  • Russian Artist : Mikhail Nikolaevitch Baryshnikov

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    Mikhail Nikolaevitch Baryshnikov was born in January 28 , 1948 in Riga , Latvia. Baryshnikov is known as one of the greatest dancers of our time and amazing as any gazelle or swan, Mikhail Baryshnikov is a household name even to non balletomanes. After having career with the Kirov Ballet in Leningrad, he came to the West New York City in 1974, settling as principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre . In 1979 he joined New York City Ballet and he was appointed artistic director of ABT where he

  • Compare Nureyev to Baryshnikov

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    Dance when you 're perfectly free.” Famous philosopher Rumi made an excellent point especially when concerning the lives of Rudolf Nureyev and Mikhail Baryshnikov. They both danced through war, they danced through heart ache, and they danced through tears. Even though Nureyev, born March 17, 1938, lived through an earlier period of time than Baryshnikov, born January 7, 1948, the Soviet Union remained virtually unchanged. Both dancers had defected thereby leaving the only life they knew in order

  • Persuasive Essay On Body Image

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    Young dancers and their bodies is a topic rarely out of the news right now. Those involved in the art form and the public have argued whether ballet has pushed the ideal “ballet body” stereotype to such an extreme that the ballet community is full of insecure, depressed and eating disorder ridden girls. The ballet school environment has been called a weight-obsessed subculture and a breeding ground for eating disorders. Body image is a major issue for young ballet dancers with potentially life-damaging

  • Personal Narrative: Becoming A Dancer

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    I walk up to the back door of a small log cabin that’s located in the middle of a large corn field. The first step inside brings an aroma of sweaty feet and hairspray and, for some reason, the smell plays back childhood memories in my head every time I walk along the tiny hallway that leads to the waiting room. As a little girl, I was thrilled to see all of my friends stretching in the waiting room and getting ready to dance. Mothers were chatty and siblings ran around like the room was a circus

  • Mats Ek

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    Mats Ek Allegra Vianello English National Ballet School 2nd year Words Count: 2304 23/04/2013 Contents Page Introduction Life and career Re-making of the ballet classics Stylistic elements of his choreography: clarity and irony Themes Movement Vocabulary References Influences and Muses Bibliography Introduction In this essay I will present one of the greatest

  • The Lack Of Diversity During The Ballet World Essay

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    The lack of diversity in the ballet world was greatly affected at the discovery of Misty Copeland. Being an African American dancer, she knew that she would face struggles greater than those that are already set in the dance world. Although Misty struggled in being accepted, with the love she had for the art, she desired to be great. Copeland knew that her efforts, passion, and admiration would distinguish her from other dancers. She did not hesitate in the idea that a she was going to grow into

  • Classical and Contemporary Ballet

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    Assignment #2 Classical and Contemporary Ballet After seeing examples of both classical ballet and contemporary ballet, I enjoy watching classical ballet more because I take pleasure in watching fairytales come to life. Classical ballet does just that and much more. Classical ballet is generally structured on a narrative pretext. It is important that the audience has an understanding of the basic storyline so as to fully understand the complex combination of movement, music and storytelling that

  • Going Battle Of Art Vs. Sport : The Ballet World

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    On-going battle of Art VS. Sport: The Ballet world Ballerinas are extremely competitive with each other and the ballet world has a hint of a barbarous culture. However, ballerinas are competitive with each other in the same way artists, musicians and actors are. Ballet itself is not a competitive sport; it is an art. In 2016, the International Olympic committee recently voted to restore wrestling to the Olympic games (Robb, Para 1). One activity that has never been brought to the committee’s attention:

  • Argumentative Essay On Dance

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    As dance being known as an art form that can portray symbolic meanings and influence society, not many dance companies are grasping at the opportunity to address many of these social issues that our culture is facing. “I feel as though [major dance companies] do the happy-go-lucky dances and never do the gritty, what’s really going on in dances, says high school junior Jenae Rogers from George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology. The modern world has been brought up against multiple

  • Copeland

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    Misty Copeland: The Underground Railroad for Black Ballerinas Isn’t she a dancer? This question came abroad by Misty Copeland had been sparking the ballet world until 2015. Misty became the first African American woman to be a principal dancer at the ABT. She didn't achieve this easily though. This is the life of Misty. Misty Danielle Copeland has an influence on young and old dancers today by overcoming a tough childhood, becoming the 1st African American woman as a principal dancer of the ABT