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  • Feasibility

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    similar to paintball in that your primary goal is to shoot your opponent with an air-powered weapon but that is where the similarities end. Most paintballers play in small field with brightly colored flashy uniforms. Airsofter's on the other hand prefer MilSim (Military Simulation). Devised to be an example of combat sports that required relatively little preparation but was capable of entertaining participants

  • Advantage Of Airsoft

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    Benefits of Airsoft The game of Airsoft is much like paintball. Both can be played with any arrangement of players, teams, game types, and scenarios. Airsoft and paintball have many similarities, but the key difference between the two are the kind of ammunition. The player’s honesty and integrity are greatly tested in Airsoft, because it doesn’t leave a colorful mess after the player is hit. Many Airsoft guns are replicas made by real rifle manufacture companies, so Airsoft guns look like the real