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  • Miles Per Hour and D. Different Ans

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    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Placement Paper Held on 28th January 2010 1) APTITUDE TEST: Questions = 82 ; time limit = 90 minutes. no negative marking. Offline (paper & pen) test and a PSYCHOMETRY TEST also. Section 1: VERBAL ( 32 Questions ,20 minutes ) Directions for questions 1-10:Find the synonyms of the following words 1. Depreciation A. appreciation B. Deflation C. rise D. None of these Ans: B 2. Circumspect A Condition B Inspect C. Cautious D Reckless Ans: C 3. Abysmal A

  • The Speed And Driving : The Dangers Of Driving

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    speeding down a highway. One sign passes the driver announcing the speed limit; "75 miles per hour." Then another sign. Soon the driver is passing the signs so fast that he or she cannot read the signs. A cop is sitting in his or her vehicle, waiting for someone to go zooming past. Suddenly, an object flashes in front of the vehicle. The radar gun is blinking fast – 242 mph. The vehicle was going 242 miles per hour in a 75. With a flick of a switch, the cop's lights are flashing, and sirens are blaring

  • The Company President Of Peregrine Trucking

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    The company President of Peregrine Trucking has decided to make saving fuel, a primary focus on the continuous efforts to become leaner and more efficient. Any type of fuel savings will have a direct impact to the bottom line of profitability. This additional income can be better utilized towards additional investments that will lead to sustainability and the goal of having a green supply chain. Strict government regulations, customer requirements, pressure from environmentalists, and requests

  • Speeding : Causes And Consequences Of A Car Accidents

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    for anyone who does it. By doing the math the time that you save by going 75 MPH on the highway as opposed to going the posted 70 MPH speed limit saves you a total of 46 seconds for every 10 miles you travel. That means that there is a total of three and a half minutes that is saved over the course of a five hour long trip. These staggeringly unrealizable numbers that are shown are evidence that speeding only increases your chances of causing a crash on the road and not decrease the time you spend on

  • Pablic Administration Essay

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    Assignment 1: Argument Mapping Student: Dilyara Khusnutdinova Professor: Pamela H. Lewis PAD 520 Strayer University January 23, 2013 1.Create an argument map based on the influence diagram presented in Case 1.3 and complete all the criteria provided in the exercise, beginning with this claim: “The U.S. should return to the 55- mph speed limit in order to conserve fuel and save lives.”   Include in the map as many warrants, backings, objections, and rebuttals as possible. “The U.S. should

  • Speed Limits Of The Transport Industry

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    the United Kingdom set the maximum speed at 10 kilometers per hour. However, it is important to note that the reasoning behind the speed limit could have been different from the modern speed limits reasoning. In the 19th century, technology advancement in the transport industry was at infant stages, therefore, the lawmaker could not image a huge machine traveling at a relatively high speed. This means that a speed of 10 kilometer per hour could be a low speed when modern technology is considered

  • Driving Prosability

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    not as free as many Americans think. First of all, the Autobahn is every highway in Germany, and not all of them are unrestricted in regard to speed. The majority of the Autobahn follows a speed limit between 100 and 120 kilometer per hour (approximately 60-75 mile per hour)(BASt, 2015). One of the unique aspects of the unrestricted sections are advisory speed limits and temporary speed limits. Temporary speed limits are an ideal that many other countries should adopt. In essence when the posted speed

  • A Personal Narrative Essay : My Best Friend

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    It was a sunny day in the summer before my senior year and I was with two of my best friends, Dallas and Bryce. We had been gathering wood skids for our bonfire later that night. We got done around 3 in the afternoon and we had nothing to do, so we played video games for a little while. We soon became tired of playing video games, so we decided to go work on Dallas’s old 1984 Chevy pickup truck. Shortly after installing new parts, we decided to ride his dirt bike. Little did we know, this would soon

  • How To Describe A Roller Coaster

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    furthermore, not only is there a roller coaster that has never been seen before but also the most magnificent coaster that you've seen. The Looper...The Looper is one of the fastest roller coasters in all of Hershey Park. It speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour. When you are riding The Looper you will feel countless different feelings. As a matter of fact, you will feel not only ecstatic and delighted but also thrill and suspense. Not to mention that as the experience of the unique exhilarating ,

  • Forced A Horrific Decision

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    Moments of Similarities and Differences “Desperation Forced a Horrific Decision”, by Dennis Cauchon and Martha Moore, is a USA TODAY published article showing her audience some unknown information about the people who jumped from the towers on 9/11. “Leap”, by Brian Doyle, is about the people who jumped on 9/11 but with a different emotional appeal and facts to it. Although, Doyle’s work was a poem he decided to set it up in a similar structure that “Desperation Forced a Horrific Decision”. Without