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    consolidated with the fact that he only joined the Milice after being rejected from the French resistance, implying that he was indeed searching for a cause. Furthermore, his father is in prison for the duration of the film, so his initiation into the Milice may have been an attempt to have create an authority figure for himself. When all these factors are assembled, it is obvious that he would have been highly impressionable, particularly to the advances of the Milice, who were altruistic towards him when no

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    was Jewish and alone an act of kindness overcame him. During the same lunch scene we see a man at a table enjoying his meal until a few Milice (a branch of German Officers) enter the restaurant and try to expel the diner for being Jewish. Wehrmacht officers (French Officers), who were also dinning at the restaurant, stand-up for the Jewish diner and order the Milice to remove themselves from the premises. “Get the hell out of here,” says one of the Wehrmacht officers. “Do you understand? Get the hell

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    The French Resistance (La Résistance française) was a collaboration of individual movements against the German occupation of France and the Vichy regime that complied with the Nazis during World War II. Starting in 1940 and ending with the liberation of France, French people from all ends of the economic and political spectrum united in different Résistance groups to perform guerilla attacks, run underground newspapers, provide intelligence to and from the allies, and manage escape networks to allied

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    Gestapo organized the deportation of millions of Jews from other occupied countries to extermination camps. In Occupied Europe, they used nationals sympathetic to Hitler and the Nazis to do their job. This was occupied mainly in Norway and France. The Milice worked with the Gestapo to hunt out resistance groups in France. Members of the murdered POW’s who were protected under the Geneva Convention. The Gestapo was responsible for millions of the deaths of Jews. At the Nuremberg Trials, the Gestapo was

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    Haley Gilmore Reese HI 102 B 20 April 2015 Napoleon and the French Revolution From 1789 to 1799, France saw its bloodiest and most violent time in its history. The people of France were fed up with the living conditions of their society and the requirements that their government continued to pile onto them. An unsatisfied society, more often than not, will lead a revolt of some kind, at some point. This period in history saw rise to power the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte, with his many trials

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    During the twentieth century American faced the industrial age. Many new inventions came in the making such as the atomic bomb and satellites. America was also faced with the space age and the Cold war, along with racial tensions and religious intolerances. All these events leading up to 1950, inspired Ray Bradbury to write The Martian Chronicles, where Bradbury combined the power struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union with the new rocket technology and space exploration, and created

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