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  • My Experience At Milpitas High School

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    else. Everyone in the crowd had a different destination and every destination offered something different. As of right now, a good day lies ahead. Ten minutes before the morning bell rang, I arrived at my first period classroom. Being a student at Milpitas High School, I am just like most of you sitting in the room right now, and just like most of you, I’m still trying to get used to the fact that summer is history. After being here for about

  • Personal Narrative On High School Swim

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    coldness as I stepped out of the dark gray car and walked away from the pleasant heat that was circulating inside. I waved goodbye to my friend’s mom that gave us the ride, and ] pushed the car door closed. I sighed tiredly began to walk to the new Milpitas High School pool for my swim meet with my best friend, and also crush, Kaleb. We entered the pool deck that smelled strongly of chlorine and was full of frustrated coaches, nervous competitors, and families searching for someplace to sit that was

  • Persuasive Essay On Citizens Of Milpitas

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    Citizens of Milpitas: I, citizen of Milpitas for 13 years, Jennifer Nguyen believe that our city should not fund for a sculpture. City council has funded art in the past years. As citizens of Milpitas, I assume we have better purposes with the fundings. The sculpture would cause a great deal of money, benefit only a few citizens, and highly likely will not be given much attention. Art is being well funded, but I am sure that there are other things that the money can be used for. We still have

  • The Most Defining Moment In Interact

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    transparent about it. I understand that it will be extremely hard to change a club that so set in its ways, but our Milpitas branch is extremely unique in that we are similar to pipe cleaners, we are constantly able to adapt to our situation and show our strength, and I know we can usher in an improved Milpitas Interact. Not only would I like to be President because of my ideas to help Milpitas Interact develop, but to light a path for anyone scared that it might be too late/different/weird to be part

  • A Review Of John Cariani's Play Almost, Maine Play

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    The play Almost, Maine was created by John Cariani. Milpitas High School Theatre Department was hosting it. The person who directed and produced it was a Milpitas High School teacher named, Kaila Schwartz. The play lasted for three days. It was held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I went to the play on Saturday, November 21st. The staging of the performance looked extremely nice. The trees looked real and the lighting was exquisite. The snow looked as white as a sheet of paper. However, when one

  • Moment In Interact

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    influenced your decision to apply for presidency. In addition, explain why you would like to become President. As a sophomore, I thought I was rising to fit into this mold I had created using other people’s experiences. I applied for Vice President for Milpitas Interact, and though I was not confident, I had subconsciously hoped with all my heart to assume the supposed position and path that I thought was necessary as character growth: club officer as an underclassman, vice president as a junior, and president

  • The Slavery Of Slavery And The World

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    I used to live at 16689, Sutton Avenue, Milpitas, California, but we have since moved to 1895, Holland Way, Dubuque, Iowa. 1 points QUESTION 3 Choose the sentence that uses periods, commas, and quotation marks correctly: No the taxi driver said curtly I cannot get you to the airport in fifteen

  • Cheryl Lawton And Isabel Conradson Analysis

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    rates for African-American and Latino students in freshmen classes, Conradson began a discussion of the proposed schedule change. Conradson stated that Cheryl Lawton provided incorrect information. Conradson said, “Lawton says 9 schools are like Milpitas when in fact there are 13. I counted them myself.” She described the inconsistency as “deliberate manipulation.” Conradson then told the department that Lawton repeatedly told her (and other English teachers) that all MHS English teachers are

  • Project-Based Assignment Analysis

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    Many events occur on the daily, especially in my life--great, shocking, terrible, exciting, etc. Some are able to make it into my creative works like writing. I am a ninth grade student and writer at Milpitas High School. This is my first year in high school, and I am already overwhelmed with the workload which includes numerous group projects, essays and this brochure that was assigned to ensure that I complete my project-based assignment. Prior to this project, my class and I read The House on

  • Human Nature And Nature In The Ecotone By James Clifford

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    peregrine life. Landfills help reduce the contamination of toxic chemicals with nature. Floodgates protect buildings against nature’s floods, which create millions of dollars in damage of trees and animal habitat. In the Bay Area, cities, such as Milpitas debate if a floodgate is more beneficial or damaging, and San Francisco debated how to remove the contamination from the rust of old war ships. In my interview with MetCalfe, MetCalfe claims that human machines help nature dispose of waste through