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  • Met Council Case Study

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    Council, Met Council) is the quasi-state agency responsible for the planning and operation of public transportation, waste water treatment, regional parks, and section eight housing assistance in the seven county metropolitan area surrounding Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The organization employs approximately 4,500 people who rely heavily on the Information Systems (IS) Department for support services while completing their daily work duties. Additionally all people in our region benefit from the services

  • Personal Narrative Essay : A Trip To The Mall Of America

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    I remember the morning I called in sick to work feeling terribly sick. Soon after, I got a call from my girlfriend, Haylee, asking if I'd want to go to the Mall of America with her. Replying yes, I felt a little guilt set in. Knowing my work ethic, I wouldn't normally do this. Thinking to myself I figured, "Hey, everyone needs an off-day sometimes, jobs can be overwhelming.". Although it had been slow, it wasn't the right thing to do. I sluggishly dragged myself out of bed to get ready for the day

  • Wild Rumpus Is An Award Winning Children 's Bookstore

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    Wild Rumpus is an award-winning children’s bookstore in the Linden Hills neighborhood of South Minneapolis.  Wild Rumpus offers its customers a shopping experience that is unique and near unmatchable. As kids wander the store, browsing countless books of all shapes and sizes, they may encounter one or more of the store’s twelve pet animals. Cats, birds, and even a chinchilla roam throughout the store to give youngsters from all over the Twin Cities metro a fun and unique experience that will have

  • My Client, Tony Martin

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    My client, Tony Martin, has been employed by Eagle Airlines as a mechanic at its repair facility. He initially worked at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport. However, Eagle Airlines reduced its Minnesota staff, and consequently, eliminated his job in early 2011. Tony utilized his union seniority to acquire a similar job by “bumping” a Chicago mechanic, but Eagle downsized its Chicago operations as well. As a result, a few months later, Tony ended up working in the LaGuardia, New York Airport. Finally

  • Case Study : Sun Country Airlines Essay

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    This case study looks at Sun Country Airlines’ (SY) only hub/domicile of Minneapolis/Saint Paul (MSP) International Airport. This study will analyze some of the challenges Sun Country Airlines faces currently and in future growth. This study will look into terminal issues such as gate space and expansion capabilities. It will identify difficulties Sun Country Airlines faces as a small airline at one of Delta Air Lines’ major hubs. It will also discuss traffic congestion associated with MSP, the growth

  • Synopsis Of A Weather Watcher Shines Bright Red Above Minneapolis / Saint Paul 's Skyline

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    KTTC’s weather watcher shines bright red above Minneapolis/ Saint Paul’s skyline. Warmer weather is on its way. The mid-afternoon news report confirms it. It is hot. Scorching hot. Temperatures were already in the 90s and expected to climb. Tonight those lucky enough to afford air-conditioning will ramp it up and seek peace in cooler conditions. Bud, a 70 year-old veteran of the Marine Corps, isn’t so lucky. He does not have air-conditioning. Instead, two strategically placed ceiling fans cool

  • Personal Narrative-The Life Of A MSP Airport Fire-Fighter

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    snooze button. I headed out the door, a quarter after 6 AM, and with the dark skies and chilly breeze, it really had me frazzled on how it was supposed to turn out to be a “beautiful” day. As I headed North on 35W, I arrived at the fire station, in Minneapolis, around 7:45 AM. I called Firemen Kevin Taaffe from my car. Kevin has been a family friend of ours since I was born, he used to babysit me and now in return I babysit his children. He met me in the lobby outside of the secured doors of the station

  • MAC Mission Statement

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    This is a daunting question and I have had to think long and hard about how I can answer it with examples of some of my best work. Throughout my professional life as an interpreter/guide/educator, a “site” is typically defined as the location of a significant event and an “event” is defined as an important, organized occurrence involving several people. This left me to determine what makes any particular organized event significant. The answer was simple - the event furthers the mission of my

  • Hmong Culture

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    minority in France: the study case of the Hmong Festival organised in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A and Aubigny-sur-Nère, France. Proposed research topic The Hmong community resettled both in America and France proved their efforts to maintain a collective memory about their homeland and ethnic consciousness while facing the difficulties of being integrated in a new culture. As a cultural minority, the Hmong of Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Hmong community of Aubigny-sur-Nère, France are

  • Spreading: A Case Study

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    Your basement just got flooded. The aftermath is unthinkable, but what do you next? Servpro of CottageGrove/Woodbury serves Minneapolis/Saint Paul Area residents with flood restoration services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Locally owned and operated, they understand that emergencies don't run on a schedule. No matter what the scope of the water damage, these skilled contractors are on your side. What dangers result from a flooded basement? The team explains: Electric Shock: Water and electricity