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  • Should Professional Negligence Or Misconduct?

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    Some companies may even have a separate procedure for underperformance and may need to amend and adapt the finer details of this procedure and class it as a ‘capability’ procedure but they must still follow the basic principles of the policies. Ultimately, a well managed organisation rarely has to resort to disciplinary measures, but if needed, it is essential that the procedure is adhered to precisely. It is also worth mentioning that employers should aim to improve and not punish employees, but

  • Summary Of King Leary's Gross Misconduct

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    King Leary’s Gross Misconduct The term gross misconduct is defined as, “a match penalty that was imposed to players and team personnel for extreme unsportsmanlike conduct.” (“Gross Misconduct” par. 1) This hockey term fits the character Percival ‘King’ Leary appropriately as he treated his dear friend Manny Oz very poorly. Although Leary made many mistakes in his friendship with Manfred, he manages to redeem himself at the end of the novel. In this paper, I will explain how Leary betrays Manny, how

  • The Eradication Of Research Misconduct

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    leads to a great amount of research misconduct involving clinical research and deception to the public. This is unacceptable because it possesses potential to directly affect the general public. Unfortunately there has been monumental misconduct in clinical research that has directly affected the general population. The eradication of research misconduct is inevitable unless there is a serious change of policy and how those policies are enforced. Research misconduct is a problem all around the globe

  • What´s Scientific Misconduct?

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    Scientific Misconduct College students are constantly being warned about the consequences that come with breaking academic integrity, but do not fully understand why scientific misconduct is taken so seriously. Students studying in the field of science should be more educated on scientific misconduct in order to avoid real world mistakes and the consequences that may arise because of them. In the real world, some students will be using their knowledge to complete research and analyze data, which

  • Police Misconduct On The Street Still Continue Throughout The Community

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    group of black teenagers being pulled over because of the kind of car they are driving. Along with this act and many of other police corruption acts has caused the community to question themselves about law enforcement. Many of concerns about police misconduct on the street still continue throughout the community. Cities across the globe have experienced intense altercations stemming from deadly shootings of citizens and allegations of excessive use of force. Police are sworn in to “Protect and Serve”

  • Disorderly Ethics: The Implications of Misconduct in Scientific Publishing Professional integrity

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    Implications of Misconduct in Scientific Publishing Professional integrity in scientific research is an essential component in maintaining the reliability of data collected by researchers, not to mention the researchers themselves. However, studies have revealed that a concerning number of scientists have admitted to playing fast and loose with publishing guidelines. To consistently produce high-quality data, efforts must be made to curb the number of researchers who engage in scientific misconduct, such

  • Disciplinary Action in Organization

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    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman of Management Department of University of Dhaka for providing me an opportunity to do my assignment work on “Disciplinary Action in Organization”. LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL December 31, 2011 Dr. Md. Ataur Rahman Department of Management Studies Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka. Dear Sir, I am submitting to you the assignment report, due December 31, 2011, that you have assigned me in

  • Culture And Conflict In The Organizational Culture Of Uber

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    Culture is the collective attitude, intellect, and atmosphere that a community creates for itself. This includes values, traditions, and social norms. Specifically, organizational culture is within a community, group, or business that shares values, follows a code of conduct and standards, and holds its members accountable for their contributions. Organizational culture arises from the goals and mission set out by the company. A negligent culture can provoke and encourage inappropriate behavior between

  • Police Misconduct

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    Police Misconduct American Intercontinental University English paper Latarrace Johnson 8/25/2013 ABSTRACT Police misconduct is currently on the rise in many cities. Police misconduct can be define as false confession, false arrest, falsified of evidence and lying under the oath. For many years police crimes have went unreported and punishments are never given. We now have to put an end to these wrongful duties taken by police officers around the world. Have you ever experience police

  • Student Misconduct

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    Why is it necessary for a university to establish a code of conduct? The University of Florida’s answer is in the following quote, “The University of Florida is an institution which encourages the intellectual and personal growth of its students as scholars and citizens. As an educational institution, the University recognizes that the transmission of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, and the development of individuals require the free exchange of ideas, self-expression, and the challenging of beliefs