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  • The Dreamland Battle : Miss Saigon, Representation And Opportunity

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    The Dreamland Battle: Miss Saigon, Representation and Opportunity On March 23, 2017, Miss Saigon, one of the most beloved and most protested musical, returned to New York at the Broadway Theatre, the same venue the show debuted and played for 10 years from 1991 to 2001. Both productions moved from West End to Broadway, creating numerous casting opportunities for Asian-American actors in New York, where Asian productions are rarely produced. The last Asian Broadway production, Allegiance, ended

  • Vietgone, Vietnam, And The Conflicts Of The Vietnam War

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    Vietgone and Miss Saigon both center themselves around the Vietnam War but differ vastly in their portrayal of that conflict, and its effects on their characters. Both works tell the story of a romance that has been complicated by war and conflict. Vietgone stylizes the story of the playwright Qui Nguyen’s parents, who met in the United States in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and portrays a specific individual take on a historic event. Miss Saigon, however, reworks the opera Madame Butterfly,

  • Good Morning, Vietnam By Starring Robin Williams

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    Vietnam, starring Robin Williams does an incredible job encompassing the atmosphere Vietnam War. It begins in 1965 when radio disc jockey Adrian Cronauer is sent to Vietnam to broadcast events on the Armed Forces Radio Service. It takes place in Saigon and includes compelling shots of the geographical features of Vietnam; jungles, cities and beaches. Cronauer begins every report with the notorious "Gooood morning, Vietnam!" and continues will jokes and upbeat music to make troops all over the country

  • Bravery In The Vietnam War

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    Whether on scales large and small, bravery is presented everyday. The disregard of fear has repeated and will repeat many times in history. An example of this is the Tank Man. This man risked his welfare to stop a convoy of tanks by merely standing in their way. In the days prior, innocent men and women were slain in cold blood by the state. The morale of the protesters had fallen vastly due to the threat of death. As all faith was declining, this man singlehandedly stopped a tank convoy. With this

  • What Was Ho Chi Minh's Role In The Vietnam War

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    Ho Chi Minh “You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win” -Ho Chi Minh 1946 Ho Chi Minh was a communist leader that wanted to and succeed in getting Vietnamese independence in the Vietnam war from 1955-1975.The Vietnam war started while the Cold War was being fought. The Vietnam war started when Ho Chi Minh had risen to power with his allies the vietchong and started to push against South Vietnam.With that action it had brought

  • P.O.W.s in the Vietnam War Essay

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    P.O.W.s in the Vietnam War The Vietnam war, also called the Indochina War , may be said to have started in 1957 when Communist-led rebels began mounting terrorists attacks against the government of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam). The rebel forces, commonly called the Vietcong, were later aided by troops of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam). American combat personnel were formally committed to the defense of the South in 1965. An agreement calling for a ceasefire was

  • The War Of The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War, or also known as the American War to the Vietnamese people, is a catastrophic battle that has left both nations reeling with the casualties and the irreversible emotional, physical, and mental destruction for civilians and soldiers alike. Spanning over two decades, the war has taken away not only the lives of its soldiers, but also the souls of its survivors. Aware of its impact, artists, writers, and filmmakers from both sides have attempted to capture the post-war memories and

  • Vietnamese Immigrants: Then And Now

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    Vietnamese Immigrants: Then and Now If you knew about the Vietnam war, you would understand why Vietnamese people who had been living in America called April is the “Black April”. Every year on the 30th of April, while Vietnamese who live in Vietnam are celebrating this day happily, the other Vietnamese immigrants, who live in the States of America as well as other countries like Canada or Australia, … are commemorating in sadly. I have this interview for my parents, Mr and Mrs Vo, who had come to

  • Heterosexual Natural And Homosexual Aberrant Axiom

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    heterosexual-natural/homosexual-aberrant axiom, by subjecting them to new and different interpretations. A new and different interpretation of the deconstructed sexual axiom in Vietnam allows white and black GIs to pursue sexual consolation indirectly with each other, where they otherwise would not pursue it in America. The new and different interpretations of the racial and sexual binaries also expose the primary violence that creates binaries and accommodates the human desire for transcendence

  • The American Of The United States

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    Welcome to America With an iPad Air 2 in front of her and an iPhone 6 Plus by her side, my aunt is proudly embracing the principles of capitalism in her life in the United States. Currently, she’s been enjoying early retirement ever since she sold her gas station business six years ago for a nice lump of cash. She works part-time as a translator nowadays only to steer off the boredom that comes with having two of her three kids away at college and a husband with his own business to run.