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  • Mission Trip Reflection

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    In July of 2015, I went on a mission trip with my youth group. We went to the Tau House in Cincinnati. During this mission trip, we got to pick places to go to each day. Some people went to feed the homeless, while others packed boxes, and others went to watch kids. This trip changed my perception on homeless people and it made me want to lend a hand to anyone in need. While packing my bag for the mission trip, I got a little nervous. I was scared of talking to people from my youth group that I

  • Mission Trip Research Paper

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    For this year’s mission trip, I went on the LoveMyCity #Manchester trip. This was my first mission trip, and I am completely grateful that it was this amazing, eye-opening experience. Each day was a new adventure with arousing lessons. It was astonishing to see people with a crazy amount of brokenness have so much hope. Within the first night, I got to see all around Manchester and where certain things took place throughout the years. The next day we got to help out at the local City Reach

  • The Short Term Mission Trips

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    we have begun a revolution. Americans began going on mission trips around the 1960s but did not really pick up until the 1990s. The trend grew after multiple natural disasters, Americans saw and need and went, since then short term mission trips show no sign stopping anytime soon. As the popularity of leaving our comfort zones, many people have found issues with the way the trips are led to the extent of questioning whether or not these trips are really worth the amount of money and time that they

  • My Mission Trip From The United States

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    hanging out with friends. It’s when I’m able to go on a mission trip that I can truly show and see what I believe in. I have been on four mission trips altogether and this summer I took a leap of faith and left the country for the first time to serve. Nicaragua held the same focuses as trips in the United States, but what I consider a mission trip from my experience in the past was not what this trip had in store. My first mission trip was five years ago when I was in eighth grade. Both my

  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Mission Trip To Guatemala

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    experiences and memories I had gained on my mission trip to Guatemala. Much to my surprise, it had not taken a lot to convince my dad to let me tag along on a mission trip to Guatemala with him. The company my dad worked for, Family Christian Stores, held multiple mission trips each year to various locations. My dad had already been to Mexico, and was assigned to a group going to Guatemala next. Upon learning that I wanted to go, he assured me that it would not be a trip full of sightseeing or activities,

  • Mission Trip

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    Out of all places I could go I would ultimately pick Kenya, Africa. When I was a little girl, my mom told me stories of how she went there for a mission trip and how it was an experience of a lifetime. But, Kenya has changed a lot since my mom has been there. The amount of people that face starvation has drastically increased over the past few years. I intend on going to Our Lady of the Lake of University and receive my bachelors in Nutrition and become a licensed dietitian. A dietitian’s job is

  • Kentucky Mission Trip

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    I am Dustin Kehoe, and I have had many people and events in my life that influenced what happened and is happening to me. In the summer of 2016, I was on a Kentucky mission trip when me and 2 of my friends when to hike on a mountain and almost went off the edge and would have been a 3-story fall to the pavement. Before that moment I was terrified of heights, but now I don’t mind and I have been able to and will continue to do more activities. During my life, so far, I have mostly been exposed to

  • Mission Trip Analysis

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    In my lifetime, many experiences have changed my character, with the most memorable being the mission trip I took to Parmelee, South Dakota. This endeavor showed me how to be caring and love everyone, despite their circumstances. Although it took time, I learned to show kindness to everyone and not just the people I feel comfortable around. During my missions work, one child revealed to me how to be compassionate to people who may not deserve it, and to give to other unconditionally. Growing up

  • Peru Mission Trip

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    When I was 16 I went on a mission trip to Peru with my mother. I was extremely anxious while boarding the 7 hour plane ride to a continent I’ve never been to. I had barely any idea of what we were going to do or where in Peru we were going. We landed in Lima after a long 7 hours in the middle seat. We met the others who were attending this mission trip at the airport after we landed. We took a terrifying cab ride back to the housing. The roads were incredibly busy and unorganized. The housing was

  • My Mission Trip

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    The experience that changed my life was a mission trip to Trinidad. We shared the gospel of Christ with the people of the island. We were able to get to know the children through backyard Bible studies and played games with them. It is an experience that remains dear to my heart. The trip that changed my life all started on October 22, 2016. It was the day I decided to sign up for the Trinidad mission trip at my church. The church held weekly meetings so we could learn more about what we would be