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  • The Missouri Department Of Conservation

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    The company I chose for this assignment is the Missouri Department of Conservation. It is a Missouri state agency whose mission is to protect and conserve Missouri’s natural resources. Backgrounding the problem: The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has been around for over 75 years. Throughout its rich history, MDC has faced many hardships including deforestation and the almost extirpation of several native animal species, including deer. The agency worked hard at reviving its devastated

  • The Congressional District Of Missouri

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    Congratulations! You are a 2018 congressional nominee for Missouri’s 5th district. Missouri’s 5th district is home to the largest metro area on the central Great Plains. The 5th Congressional District of Missouri includes most of Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri, plus Grandview, and the bulk of Independence. In post-2010 census redistricting, rural Lafayette, Ray, and Saline counties were added. If you want to successfully campaign here, you will have to know who to talk to, where to talk

  • Missouri State University Essay

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    Rogelio Vieyra Ms. Gregory Missouri History 16 October 2017 Missouri State University Missouri State University, Which is located in Springfield Missouri. Which was in 1905, the main campus was founded in Springfield Mo. In 1906 the first class, of students of 543 students, where the first group of students. To stay or attend the new college, known as Missouri State University. 1906 was the year that the school color, was adopted as maroon and white. They offer many many sports for, college athletes

  • Why I Became A Missouri Resident

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    As I grew up in a suburb of Missouri I was not very aware of the so called “boarder wars” that Kansans and Missourians experienced. I became much more aware of the stereotypes that arose from either sides of the Stateline once I entered high school. Still a Missouri resident I was not very familiar with Kansas’s culture, or even some of the main differences between the two States. Once my family moved west of the Stateline I finally experienced hands on some of the main differences. There was a different

  • A Social History Of The State Of Missouri Essay

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    In this paper we will be discussing a mural by Thomas Hart Benton titled, A Social History of the State of Missouri. This mural is located in the Missouri state capitol in Jefferson City Missouri. This mural is located in the House Lounge of the capitol building. The mural covers 3 of the walls with the exception of the West wall full of windows. The room measured 25 feet wide, 55 feet long, and 14feet 2 inches high. Benton used egg tempera for the mural and beeswax and varnish to protect it. In

  • The Hyatt Regency Disaster Kansas City Missouri

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    The Hyatt Regency Disaster Kansas City Missouri July 17th, 1981 A brief summary of the underlying mechanical and ethical of this failure as a part of Mechanical Analysis and Design. Written By: Austin Bruce Hasan Polat MCET-450.02 Professor William Leonard The Hyatt Regency Hotel, the newest hotel built in Kansas City Missouri featuring an open atrium design at its entrance with floating walkways suspended on the second, third, and fourth floors. Only one year after its

  • Kansas City Missouri For The Fiscal Year Essay

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    Kansas City, Missouri is located at the intersection of the Kansas and Missouri rivers. It is the biggest city in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area; the most crowded city in Missouri, the seventh biggest city in the Midwest, and the 39th most crowded city in America. Additionally, the location of the city makes it an ideal transportation hub and the most geo-focal market in the country, since three interstate highways serve it. Kansas City has a diverse economy including health care, telecommunications

  • Gun Violence in Missouri

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    Missouri is an amazing state, full of interesting sights and sounds. There is the towering, metal Saint Louis Arch. The massive and beautiful Union Station. The large wheat fields, the long flowing Missouri river, and the large, beautiful Ozarks forests. Missouri, even after these things, like any states, is not perfect. Unlike some states however, Missouri has many flaws that can very easily be fixed, but the problem is that Missouri government is not doing much to stop it, one of the biggest problems

  • Impact Of The Missouri Compromise Of 1820

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    The Missouri Compromise of 1820 did not only impact many individuals from the north and south but it also impacted the U.S as a whole. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 was established to temporality end the tensions between the north and south territories over the issues of slavery. Soon after the Missouri Compromise of 1820 was established, tensions between the north and south decreased but they didn’t go away, therefore leading to fall of the Missouri Compromise of 1820. The Missouri Compromise

  • The Impact Of The Missouri Compromise Of 1820

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    The Missouri Compromise of 1820 helped to mend the relationship between the north and the south, the free and the slave states. All the states in the Union were in an argument over what the new states from new western territory should be - free or slave states. With the conflict steadily rising, a congressman by the name of Henry Clay came up with a solution to alleviate the tension between the two sides. This compromise set the tone for the rest of the civil rights time period. The Compromise