Missouri State University

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  • Missouri State University Diversity

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    As the second largest university in the state, according to the "Missouri State University Diversity Report" Provided by The Office of Institutional Research in Missouri State University, by Fall 2016, the number of students enrolled in Missouri state university (Springfield campus) has reached 23,538. The number of faculties and staff members nearly about 4,000 and more than nine out of ten

  • Northwest Missouri State University Case Study

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    Northwest Missouri State University Northwest Missouri State University is a great place for everybody to learn. They have a numerous amount of majors and make it easy for first time freshman, transfer students, and international students to apply. NWMSU has many activities for everybody including intramurals, concerts, and recreation centers. They have many different options for housing and meal plans, which they also make very affordable for everybody. Northwest Missouri State also offers in-state

  • State University Of Missouri 's Alcohol Policy

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    University of Missouri University of Missouri’s alcohol policy for their tailgate functions is comparable to Missouri State University’s. Mizzou’s Rules and Regulations handbook states under the alcohol policy on page 8 that “Students and their guests are not permitted to consume, manufacture, use, possess, sell, or distribute alcohol in or on the premises of the University-owned or –operated residential or dining locations, regardless of their age.” As well, stated under Mizzou’s tailgating policy

  • Missouri State University Essay

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    Rogelio Vieyra Ms. Gregory Missouri History 16 October 2017 Missouri State University Missouri State University, Which is located in Springfield Missouri. Which was in 1905, the main campus was founded in Springfield Mo. In 1906 the first class, of students of 543 students, where the first group of students. To stay or attend the new college, known as Missouri State University. 1906 was the year that the school color, was adopted as maroon and white. They offer many many sports for, college athletes

  • Missouri State University Case Study

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    The Missouri State University public affairs mission has three pillars which are ethical leadership, cultural competence, and community engagement. If I were offered this scholarship, I would embrace all three pillars and exemplify them on campus. From being involved in my church since I was a young girl, I have developed strong morals and beliefs. I understand right from wrong, and hold a strong belief in equal opportunity among all individuals. In any organization I am a member in, I have always

  • Missouri State University Scholarship Analysis

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    course, scholarships! Missouri State University offers a large variety of scholarships with the highest rewarding scholarship giving away $12,500. This particular scholarship is the Presidential Scholarship, and is awarded to applicants who received a 30/1400 minimum ACT/SAT equivalent score and had a class rank in the top 10%, or had a 3.90 GPA (Missouri State Offices 31). The next highest awarding scholarship is the University Scholarship which gives $7,000 per year. The University S. is actually the

  • Southeast Missouri State University Diversity Case Study

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    Southeast Missouri State University currently has 12 residence halls, two of which are currently community style the rest are suite style. The university currently is a home to over twenty-eight hundred students during the fall and spring semesters. Dr. Carlos Vargas-Aburto soon to be inducted on May 5th of 2016 has taken his position head on so far really promoting the diversity that is on the campus. A problem that the university is currently facing is diversity opportunities in the residence halls

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Missouri State University

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    It was July 24, 2015 and I was attending a soar session for Missouri State University. When I was signing up for classes I notice that I was short a credit to reach 15 credit hours. I looked and looked for a class that I would be interested in. I found this class, I wasn’t sure what to expect out of this class when I was coming in. When the first day of school came around I was really eager to attend my Kin 127 class. After a week of this class I knew that I would enjoy it. One thing that I like

  • The Food Service Position At Missouri State University ( Msu )

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    impact the nutrition of my parents – my mother after having her gallbladder removed and my father with a diabetes diagnosis. Leading up to and after graduation my interest expanded after taking on several volunteer and work-related roles. At Missouri State University (MSU) this was helping a TRIO supervisor with her questions regarding nutrition and diabetes, and learning transferable skills from tutoring students to reach their academic goals. My current food service position at Lakeland has taught me

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Missouri Western State University

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    The Decision My decision to forgo my scholarships for other schools and instead come to Missouri Western State University was due to the coaches making it feel like a second home to me. The atmosphere of the college, the cost was a huge factor and when I met all of the players, it is what drew me to MWSU the most, they all welcomed me as one of their football brothers and really persuaded me to attend school here. As I walked into the indoor sports complex I instantly thought to myself that compared