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  • Francis Bacon 's En Dublin, Irlanda En 1909

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    Francis Bacon Nació en Dublín, Irlanda en 1909. Sin embargo paso la mayor parte de su infancia mudándose constantemente entre Inglaterra e Irlanda lo que hizo que su niñez fuera problemática, provocando un sentido de desplazamiento que permanecería con él durante toda su vida. Durante su adolescencia Bacon menciono estar sexualmente atraído a su padre, un exmilitar que no soportaba sus tendencias homosexuales, finalmente en 1926 su padre lo echo de la casa al encontrarlo admirándose en el espejo

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To The Moma

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    My initial reaction to this assignment was one filled with dread. After taking a trip to the MOMA in my senior year of high school, I realized that art was just not for me. I continue to fail to understand the complex descriptions of what a simple painting, such as random splatters of color on canvas, is supposed to convey. However, after attending the Metropolitan Museum, I realized that it is not art that I do not like, just the genre of modernism. After going through as many exhibits as I could

  • Museum Of Modern Art ( Moma ) : Soundings Exhibition

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    3. Museum of Modern Art (MOMA): Soundings Exhibition Soundings is an interactive website from the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) where users contribute to the exhibition by uploading their own content. It features an interactive map (fig. 10) for users to upload their own soundbites to specific locations around the world. This interactivity adds a collaborative element to the Soundings exhibition, allowing the user to make the exhibition more personal and to participate in the process of meaning-making

  • Personal Narrative - Original Writing ' Music Box '

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    came back. It was just me, Melody, and Moma. When Daddy left, Moma wouldn’t do anything but play the old song she said that Daddy loved to play. Shortly after that, she started playing other songs, we would dance around the sittin’ room every night after supper. Moma playing the piano and Melody and I moving in on the carpeted floor. It wasn’t a large Victorian house or nothing fancy. Just a small brick red house in the back woods just off the city line. Moma never liked nothing really fancy. My sister

  • Judy Hecker 's Influence On Art

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    This topical show led to IPCNY’s first review in New York Times, written by its co-chief art critic, Holland Cotter. On the other hand, some part of the job falls beyond Hecker’s comfort zone. She had limited experience with fundraising before as MoMA has the entire development department to handle researching funds and grant writing. Nowadays, she considers fundraising the number one priority in IPCNY’s development as a financially secure organization. Both shaping the exhibition content and formatting

  • Analysis Of A Century Of Artists Books

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    However, one workshop done at the MoMA suggests a different point of view. In April of 2016, the Museum of Modern Art held a workshop entitled, "Touching Art: Teaching with MoMA's Artist Book Collection," in which participants were allowed to touch, hold, and flip through various artists

  • Analysis Of The Starrry Night Painting By Vincent Van Gogh

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    The first four sources I will be using are related to “The Starry Night” painting from Vincent van Gogh. The first source, located on MOMA Learning, is titled "Vincent van Gogh: The Starry Night, 1889” which does not appear to have an author or publication date. The MOMA Learning article provides insights into the interpretations of the artwork, including insights into Van Gogh’s mental state at the time that the painting. Additionally, the article provides relevant information regarding the post-impressionists

  • Lee Bontecou Biography

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    Term Paper Lee Bontecou is most famously known for her extraordinary sculptures and drawings. Almost all of her works remain untitled; she leaves that up to the audience to interpret. The sculpture that is displayed in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is untitled and was created in the year nineteen sixty-one. Lee Bonteou’s medium is very specific. Her style is very industrial she is big on welding and using raw materials such as canvas, copper wire, rawhide, and soot. The Artist was born in

  • Technology Research : Museum 's Mission

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    Technology Research Museum audiences seek engaging activities. Museums seek opportunities to remain relevant to audiences. By providing educational opportunities in a relevant and current format, museums create new relationships with their audience. Technological advances over the last twenty years provide new tools that allow museums to engage audiences in educational and entertaining experiences. Technology changed the way in which people share information and learn (Russo 2011, 32). It

  • Importance Of Visit To The Museum Of Modern Art

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    I went to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). If I were to bring my class here as a field trip, we could either take a subway or a school bus. Because the MOMA is in Midtown, I think that the subway would be easier. We could have chaperones come along as well to help contain the students in the midst of transportation. There are a bunch of different options for schools and teachers to choose from when they go to the MOMA. There are packages that just include a MOMA visit, some others include a studio