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  • Minecraft Moodding Community Analysis

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    mods yourself, or just enjoying the commentary of various YouTuber’s interactions with the developers, the Minecraft modding community is extremely easy to become a part of. During my observations, I had interactions with people on Twitch, YouTube, and the Industrial Craft 2 forum. The community pulls you in by teaching you the complicated intricacies of modding such a simple game. Since my personal background is Computer Science, I decided to dive head first into the technical

  • What Is Modding And It Is Important For Many Reasons

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    a matter of fact, there are events held all over the world where people make changes to the cases to match certain theme or design. This practice is called modding and it is exciting as you can create a case that no one else has and that will match your personality. Some modders are truly amazing at what they do and as many say “case modding can quickly become addictive. Once you start, it’s difficult to stop” (PC Gamer. 2015). People have different styles and there is something for everyone- from

  • Personal Narrative-Mooding

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    afk I only have my minecraft becoming a small window of my screen too view the chat that I know & love I'm always responding too people either they need my help or not, asking how they're doing and if they need help. It might be considered mini-modding but I'd love to help everyone from the bad sides this network can have at times. I'd love to make it become a better place, a more child friendly network. It used to be before it still is but less. I'm very private with information we get via friends

  • Website Assignment

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    Do you know how the idea of the site came to exist and the name? -Answered by AzzidReign This is kind of long winded. The site originally started out on a free board as XboxRevamped as at the time it was only an original Xbox modding community. It started out with me (AzzidReign) and UndeadGhoul. With any free board, at least back then, they were easily hacked. I had made friends with another site’s admin and staff called “Se7en Mods” and we had both been hacked at the same time. The owner of Se7en

  • Garena

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    Executive Summary Garena is the largest leading gaming platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, and it expanded its presence from Singapore to each of the countries within 4 years. This report seeks to understand the secrets of Garena in maintaining its unparalleled leadership in the gaming industry. With regards to the value chain of the gaming industry, Garena functions as an integrated developer, publisher as well as a retailer. Garena moved from a focused differentiation strategy towards a

  • Dotmod Research Paper

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    Dotmod is a reputable manufacturer, known for the elegance and quality of their products. It is very hard to breakdown the features, of any one of their product, without mentioning how beautifully crafted their devices are. One of their best products is the Dotmod 200W, which boasts of both beauty and power. This sexy little thing can be purchased at Select Vape. But, before you go ahead and purchase it, it is important that you find out whether this mod is worth adding to your regulated mods collection

  • Rewarding Personal Statement

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    I still play with many staff member even though I am no longer a staff member. I still have instinct to tell players to watch the caps but that would be mini-modding and that would be breaking the rules. I miss all my staff friends, now that I don't have my staff position anymore I have lost contact with some of them, I miss them and I hope I can talk to them again, whether I am accepted again or not.I feel that

  • Fallout Comparison

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    among other things such as the Fallout pip-boy Messenger bag. Furthermore, Fallout 3 introduces the Replicated Man, which introduces the Commonwealth wasteland along with The institute MIT, and Android Synths. Lastly, the franchise introduces weapon modding and iron sights in latest version, Fallout 4. Not only does is this franchise interesting and extremely detailed but also the setting of the story is extremely interesting. The games take place in the United States after a nuclear weapon has nearly

  • Epic Star Trek Armada

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    Experience epic Star Trek naval battles like never before in the epic space strategy game Star Trek: Armada. Developed by Activision and released for the PC in 2000, Armada has a diverse cast of characters that features the voice talents of several of Star Trek’s biggest stars, including Patrick Stewart and Michael Dorn, who reprise their roles as Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lt. Commander Worf, respectively. The Dominion War has just ended, and Captain Picard is establishing a new supply depot

  • Brief Summary On Call Of Duty: World At War

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    in a game which at the time of the enforcement action, I was infused with anger (for getting caught obviously) which blinded me from realizing the specific thing that caused my well deserved ban of a month. If you're wondering, it was because of modding public Zombie matches on Call of Duty: World at War. I cannot say that I didn't know what I was doing, because evidently I couldn't have done it had I not known. I guess I didn't really understand the repercussions of my actions until after I was