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  • History Of Westminster Students At Model United Nations

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    Westminster Students At Model UN With their name placards held high and their western business attire well-tailored, 36 students from Westminster took off into the ever-changing world of foreign policy. From November 18-21, the students were tasked with representing the United States of America, Guam, and the Maldives in the American Model United Nations conference in Chicago, Illinois. The aim for the delegates at the conference is to accurately represent the foreign policy of their nation in one of several

  • Oxford International Model United Nations

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    Oxford International Model United Nations 9 November 2014 FAO Agenda Item: Local Energy Solutions to a Lack of Universal Access to Energy Sponsors: Bolivia, China, France, Russian Federation Signatories: Albania, Austria, Iran, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway The Food and Agricultural Organization, Deeply concerned about the lack of universal access to energy in many developing countries, specifically in rural areas, Recognizing the UN decade of sustainable energy for all 2014-2024 (SE4ALL)

  • The At The Last Model United Nations Conference

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    At the last Model United Nations conference we attended, I had the opportunity to sit down for coffee with an advisor from one of the local public high schools. This particular advisor and I have forged a strong connection in several years of chaperoning events together for our learners. He is versed in Attic philosophy and how we approach learning. Throughout the course of our friendship we have periodically emailed each other articles on education, learner preparedness for career and college, and

  • Model United Nations Cmunce Conference 2017. Representing:

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    Model United Nations CMUNCE Conference 2017 Representing: Dmitry Ustinov Delegate Name: Laurel Butterworth Committee: Space Race JCC (Soviet) School: Boulder High School I, Dmitry Ustinov, am firstly a politician, set to oversee and manage the Ministry of Defense Industry, the product of the merged Ministry of Armaments Production and Ministry of Aviation Industry. Within this duty, that many would call simply a political rearrangement for the advancement of the military and political animal

  • My First Diplomatic Experience

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    I wanted to go, but there was a problem, my school was not going. I moved heavens and earth to see what I could do, called everyone that could know anything. FUNGLODE contacted me with the Saint Thomas School, where I studied for months to go that Model UN, we spent entire days preparing ourselves and it was a lot of sacrificed. But it was worth it, because in that moment in the salon of the general ssambley in the headquarters of the UN, when they called the “delegation of Denmark” to be Delegation

  • Essay About Asg

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    attend several conferences since then. As a delegate, I have attended JMUN twice, Laguna Beach MUN, and Bishop’s Knights MUN, This experience provided me with the capability and maturity to take on other roles. I was honored to be a Page for the United Nations Environment Programme of SDRJMUN XL. As a part of UNEP, I was given the opportunity to take charge of the committee for a segment of the conference. Being able to Head and Vice Chair was an rewarding, exhilarating experience. Since my first

  • Habitat Meeting Reflection

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    fostering socially inclusive solutions to housing issues. Although I did not participate in the committee as a delegate representing one nation, but rather represented all member states in a staff position, I learned just as much as the other delegates. I learned in depth how Habitat works: the frequency, the mission, and the duties the committee has in the United Nations. I also learn about

  • The Relations Of Democratic Peace

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    The interactions between nation states compose the framework of the modern world. The world’s affairs are shaped by the diplomatic engagements of nations with one another, with each country playing on its own interests and concerns on the global stage. While no tangible system of international law rigidly regulates diplomacy, philosophies exist attempting to describe and even predict the interactions between countries. Among these is the notion of “democratic peace,” that which predicts a largely

  • Examples Of Portfolio Reflection On College

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    College Unit Portfolio Reflections Overview of the College Process The college process is a stressful meatgrinder that, at the same time, crushes and fulfills the dreams of millions upon millions of students each year. Never before have I seen such a calculated and corrupt system. For instance, universities have set up a monopolistic empire that is free to price discriminate at will, and society, along with our government, perpetuates this standard along with other equally revolting standards.

  • Role of International Relations

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    history of mankind, with its most important and distinctive change occurring during the period of 1945, the end of the Second World War and 1989 which marked the end of the Cold War. The interaction of nation-states is center of politics on the international level, where the relationships of different nations dictates what events occur in regards to, but not limited to war, peace, economic agreements, and foreign aide involvement. These international interactions are becomingly progressively more distinguished