Modern Orthodox Judaism

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  • Darwin's Theory Of Evolution Research Paper

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    While it is unfair to observe the relationships between Judaism and the theories surrounding Darwin’s evolution as a whole, it is however feasible to analyze evolutionary biology within a highly specific sect and time period of Judaism. Interestingly, the topic of Darwinism and Judaism from the 19th century to the present is an ongoing and subjective debate in the US. Throughout the past few centuries, Judaism has been somewhat split along the issue of whether or not evolution is compatible with

  • Cultural Diversity And The American Culture

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    Culture Diversity Today our society is built of different cultures and races. Cultural Diversity is a “diverse group in society, with varying racial classifications and national origins, religion affiliations, language, physical size, gender, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, and geographic locations” (Taylor, 2014, p.74). Nurses need to know the different types of cultures in our society in order to provide adequate care to clients with a different cultural background. As nurses

  • Guided Evolution and Intelligent Design: A Guide to the Jewish Perspective

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    theory in that naturalism is not a necessary requirement of the theory itself. In this paper I will explore the positions of the Jewish faith with respect to the question of evolutionary theory, and, more explicitly, will draw comparisons between Judaism and Christianity to investigate whether popular religion is as staunchly opposed to evolutionary theory as Dawkins and Dennett propose. If the work of

  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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    Managing diversity and demographical changes in the workplace presents many dilemmas. Confronted with constant change, management, business educators, and organizational consultants continue to meet the challenges of a new and diverse workforce in a number of ways. Diversity can be defined in numerous ways. Diversity includes all the ways in which people differ, and it encompasses all the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another. It is all inclusive and recognizes

  • The Influence Of Rav Soloveitchik : The Ravs Influence On American Jewry

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    contribution to American Jews but none in the way that “The Rav” has. From his upbringing in Eastern Europe to becoming the unchallenged leader in American Modern Orthodoxy, Rav Joseph Soloveitchik had a profound influence on thousands of American Jews that can be felt strongly still today. Born Adar 12, 5663 (1903) in Pruzhana, Poland, in what is modern day Belarus, Rabbi J.B Soloveitchik came

  • Jewish Studies Essay

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    50% (JPost, 2009) which includes both non-Orthodox Jews and inter-religion marriages. The Modern Orthodox Jews have a significantly lower divorce rate as there are no conflicts that have to do with which religion to follow (Waxman, 2009). In the secular or less Orthodox world, children can be brought up following two religions or even no religion at all. If they are brought up with no religion, there is a very low chance that they will follow Judaism when they grow older. Also by following two

  • Judaism 's Views On Euthanasia

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    or as a relief for pain. Although there are different components that play a part in a person’s stance on euthanasia, like empathy, suffering, constitutional rights, etc., this paper will concentrate on the religious aspects of the topic. Judaism and Christianity share an abundance of theological similarities. Religious ethicists from these observances employ individual religious methodologies when seeking to settle ethical predicaments. In aiming to illuminate their religion’s viewpoints

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Religion

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    Obsessive Disorder and Religion Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects up to 2.1% of adults and features pervasive and intrusive thoughts that lead to repetitive uncontrollable behaviors aimed to reduce anxiety (APA, 2000). Further, these thoughts and behaviors impede and disrupt daily living and cause marked distress in the lives of the sufferer. The recurrent thoughts often center on fear of contamination, harming self or others, and illness (Himle, Chatters, Taylor, and Nguyen, 2011). Those

  • Power Of The Free World

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    He thought regardless of each’s own individual political outlook, it was un-American not to serve. “If all people shared this distorted thought process, then we could never have won Second World War and we would only have one uncle, not Uncle Sam, Uncle Adolf.” Eventually, looking back, he realized the war was based on the false pretense of the Domino theory and the false doctrine of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. To explain, the domino theory asserted that if one free nation fell to communism,

  • An Individual Of A Different Intersectionality From Myself And Comparatively Review Literature Essay

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    background and implications for social work practice among this distinct population. The interview subject is a middle adulthood, Ultra-Orthodox, Hasidic, Jewish, married female. The tentative conclusions drawn regarding how social work practice can best assist persons from within this cultural group were found to be based on religious authoritative preeminence. Most Orthodox Jews will first turn to a rabbi for advice for either social or emotional issues. Clinicians that work with this particular group