Molar mass

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  • Molar Mass Experiment

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    The primary goals of this experiment concern expanding upon the concept of molar mass and its applications to the study of chemistry (Beran, 2014). To this end, the effect of an unknown solute on the freezing point of a solvent, cyclohexane, was measured and noted in order to determine a positive or negative relationship between the two variables (Beran, 2014). Additionally, the molar mass of the nonvolatile and nonelectrolyte solid solute was ascertained (Beran, 2014). Introduction: When one examines

  • Determining The Chemical Formula For A Hydrated Compound Containing Copper, Chloride, And Water Molecules

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    The general formula of the compound is CuxCly•zH2O, and aim is to determine chemical formula of this compound. Law of definite proportion, sometimes called Proust’s law, states that a compound always has exactly the same proportion of elements by mass. This means that contents of a compound does not depend on its source or its method of preparation. John Dalton wrote the modern atomic theory, a fundamental component of that is, the mole ratios of elements in a compound will be small whole numbers

  • Molar Mass Of Butane And Unknown

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    Molar Mass of Butane and unknown Abstract: The purpose of this lab is to find the molar mass of mixed gases in a lighter, and to calculate the exact mixture of gases in the lighter. The results of this lab were the mass of the lighter, as 100 mL of water was displaced, was 0.27g, 0.17g, and 0.28g. The molar masses of the gasses for three trials were 64.3 g/mol, 40.5 g/mol, and 66.7 g/mol. Background: The purpose of this lab is to find the molar mass of mixed gases in a lighter, and to calculate

  • Molar Mass of a Gas Lab Report

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    ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Molar Volume of a Gas Lab Report ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

  • Molar Mass Of Volatile Liquid Lab Report

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    Molar Mass of a Volatile Liquid 2.Objective- We receive a unknown volatile liquid and try to find it's molar mass.In order to do this we must know how to convert units of measurements and the formula required. 3.Introduction- In order to do this experiment you must know certain terms and formulas. Molar mass is defined as one mole of this substance. The molar mass is what we are trying to find.One equation use d to find molar mass is MW=m/n. Another thing needed to know is the Ideal Gas Law. The

  • Determining Molar Mass by Ideal Gas Law

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    I. Abstract: By manipulating the ideal gas law (PV=nRT), we will be determining the molar mass of an unknown volatile liquid. Heating a flask filled with an unknown, easily evaporated liquid will allow for measurements that can be taken to work out the ideal gas equation. This lab will require knowledge of basic equations used in chemistry. Using these equations, such as density and number of moles(n), we can substitute different values into the ideal gas law to manipulate it.

  • The Effect of Different Molar Mass on the Diffusion on Substances

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    The Effect of Different Molar Mass on the Diffusion on Substances Lunar-maius A. Gaerlan Group 2 Sec. X – 9l August 15, 2012 ABSTRACT The effect of molecular weight on the rate of diffusion was assessed using agar-water gel test. The agar-water gel set up was composed of a petri dish of agar-water gel containing three wells. Drops of potassium permanganate (KMnO4), potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7) and methylene blue(C16H18N3SCl) were simultaneously introduced to each well. Methylene blue

  • How To Calculate The Molar Mass Of Sodium Phosphate Dodecahydrate

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    are many steps to prepare a quantitive solution. First you have to calculate the molar mass of solution. Then you place the solution into 1000mL of water, making a 1M solution. After you make a 1M solution you change it to the designated amount, and change the molar mass, and the molar solution. Finally you have the need molar solution all you have to change is the volume, and for that you simply divide both the the mass and volume by the same number you need to obtain the designated volume. In order

  • Molar Mass Of An Unknown Compound Using Freezing Point Depression

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    Finding Molar Mass of an Unknown Compound using Freezing Point Depression Farida Elassar*, Pranav Menon Introduction: Certain species of animals and fish survive the cold by increasing the concentration of solutes in their blood to lower its freezing point. In this experiment, we will be measuring the freezing point depression of the aqueous solutions of an unknown compound to ascertain the unknown’s molar mass and therefore its identity. Method: Firstly, the experimental apparatus was set up by

  • The Ka and Molar Mass of a Monoprotic Weak Acid Essay

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    The Ka and Molar Mass of a Monoprotic Weak Acid Chemistry Lab 152 Professor: James Giles November 7, 2012 Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the pKa, Ka, and molar mass of an unknown acid (#14). The pKa was found to be 3.88, the Ka was found to be 1.318 x 10 -4, and the molar mass was found to be 171.9 g/mol. Introduction Acids differ considerable as to their strength. The difference between weak and