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  • Age Of Voting Essay

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    moment at the polls,” by Annys Shin, many teens who are 16-17 years old can now vote during the election. The decision was made by the Takoma City Council that in Montgomery County Community, they are the first ones in the nation to lower their voting age from 18-16 years old. A group of 350 students from Montgomery Blair High School were granted the right to vote in elections and one of the student who got the right to vote, Ben Miller had said, “ It’s a valuable Privilege,” and he means that

  • Temple Grandin: A Positive Role Model

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    the kids that go to Hampshire Country School, the school that Temple went for high school after she was expelled from her public high school. “‘And sometimes,’ he said ‘their problems are part of their abilities” (Sy Montgomery 48).967 He explains to Temple how her problems are part of her abilities and if she gets rid of her problems she won’t have any of her abilities causing her to understand that it can be a good thing, even though she is not

  • Personal Narrative: Trapped In The History And Culture

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    art and culture of East Asia.  The colors are vibrant. Catching my attention, I can’t seem to look elsewhere. It took me awhile to find my fit. My parents since I a little kid had a dream for me to become a doctor. Coming to the last stages of high school I realized that was not the right choice for me because of different amount of reasons. An exceeding amount of arguments between my parents and myself. My mom came to me and told me of a major that she said would fit me. I did not know East Asian

  • Persuasive Essay On Multicultural Education

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    perspectives and multicultural education that the teachers are required to provide. This is a major problem in Montgomery, AL. Many of you who are residents of the city of Montgomery are being affected by this but fail to realize what is happening to you when receiving an education until you move out of the city or better yet the state. The chair members of the Montgomery Public School System need to go through a strategic process of emotional, physical, and mental test before hiring that teacher

  • Sexual Education Should Be Taught At Public Schools

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    Some of the debates are viewed as being unnecessary. While others are looked at as more serious topics, one of the newest debates is whether or not sexual education should be taught to our youth of today in public schools. Sexual education should be taught to our youth in public schools. Many children aren’t being educated at home to, there is a lack of parent education, adolescents are becoming more sexually active at a younger age, and the number of teen pregnancy is at a lower level than in the

  • Montgomery College Dreams

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    During my time at Montgomery College, I have grown as a student, professional, and human. I have been lucky to have been educated by outstanding professors. These individuals have helped me find a much needed platform to build my life upon. I now have an understanding of how to achieve my goals and dreams. Montgomery College has helped me in ways I will forever be grateful for. I know the relationships I fostered at this college will be lifelong. Being accepted to the Smith School of Business has been

  • Twice Exceptional Students

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    multiple categories and are classified as twice exceptional students. “The gifted disabled” are one such group of “individuals with exceptional ability or potential who are capable of high

  • Claudette Colvin: Montgomery Bus Boycott

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    civil rights activist who had a big impact on the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Claudette Colvin was born on September 5th 1939, in Montgomery Alabama. “Claudette Colvin was an A student at all-black Booker T. Washington High” (15 Freedman). She was a 15 year old spunky girl who was upset about segregation. She did what Rosa Parks did, but nine months earlier, and it did not spark as much controversy. Claudette Colvin felt like she sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott by refusing to get out of her seat.

  • Unequal Education in America: Urban vs Suburban Education Essay

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    nation’s best and worst public schools continues to grow. Our country is based on freedom and equality for all, yet in practice and in the spectrum of education this is rarely the case. We do not even have to step further than our own city and its public school system, which many media outlets have labeled “dysfunctional” and “in shambles.” At the same time, Montgomery County, located just northwest of the District in suburban Maryland, stands as one of the top school systems in the country. Within

  • Community After School Program Essay

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    Montgomery County After School Program caters to children ages 5-11 years of age. The Mid County Center After School Program receives children from Bel Pre and Strathmore Elementary Schools. Both schools are considered Title I, which means that the school has a majority of children from low-income families. The school provides free breakfast and lunch to all students. Bel Pre and Strathmore Elementary School receive funding from Elementary and Secondary Education Act to assist the schools in meeting