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  • Mrs. Hayashi's Creative Outlet Essays

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    Mrs. Hayashi’s Creative Outlet Women who assume the traditional role of staying at home to care for their children and their household responsibilities often need a creative outlet to express themselves, their ideas, or just to get away from monotony they experience in the day after day domestic routine. Many women find various forms of art a fulfilling way to satisfy their need for personal expression. Similarly, in the short story “Seventeen Syllables” by Hisaye Yomamoto, the “stay-at-home-mom”

  • The Mora Brothers

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    found its way directly into the wallets of those candidates and became a personal ATM. To be fair, the Mora brothers contributed heavily to their choice as well and never considered the implications. The only implication when they donated money

  • Charles Mora Biography

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    Charles Mora was born on July 30th 1908. Mora never had a day off, even being born was work since maternity wards, drugs and obstetrical/gynecologists would only be available in the future. He was born to a family who believed in God, country and hard work. In the early 1900's work was tied to basic necessities of life, food, shelter, clothing. Work was not about luxuries in life, it was about survival. The average life expectancy was 47, 14 percent of homes had bath tubs, there were only 8000 cars

  • Miss Mora Monologue

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    The house was lit up with blue and red. Miss Mora and her daughter were being escorted back into the house. I could see them grabbing a set of suit cases from the hallway closet. An officer crossed my sight as he surrounded the property with yellow tape. He stumbled over a pink obstruction that lay

  • Pat Mora Essay

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    Pat Mora is an award-winning writer that bases most her poems on tough cultural challenges and life as a Mexican American. She was born in a Spanish speaking home in El Paso, Texas. Mora is proud to be a Hispanic writer and demonstrates how being culturally different in America is not easy. She explains this through her experiences and the experience other’s. In her poems “Elena”, “Sonrisas”, and “Fences”, Mora gives you a glimpse of what life as a Mexican American is; their hardships, trials

  • Sonrisas Pat Mora

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    The poem "Sonrisas" by Pat Mora is about someone torn between two lifestyles. Mora uses contrasting diction between the two stanzas to show her feelings towards both rooms; Mora also uses sibilance to further portray the differing nature of those two rooms. Mora's diction and use of sibilance in the first stanza create a tense atmosphere in the room. In lines 6 to 8, the speaker says, "careful woman in crisp beige/suits, quick beige smiles/that seldom sneak into their eyes". Words like "quick", "seldom"

  • Analysis Of Sonrisas By Pat Mora

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    Pat Mora. This is a poem which compares contrasting world using different types of figurative language. This poem compares the two worlds that the author and speaker seem to be stuck between. This poem uses various forms of figurative language to compare two aspects of the author's and speaker’s life. Mora was born on January 19, 1942, and she started her career as a poetry writer after her college education. She graduated from Texas Western College in 1963 (Academy of American Poets). Mora has

  • Obstacles InElena, By Pat Mora

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    help is seeked, Pat Mora knows that this a struggle for others that they face everyday. Challenges vary on size and can have a great or small impact on a person but at the end, the person can overcome the obstacle. In “Elena”, Mora demonstrates love will overcome every obstacle when family is present. Language is hard for others to learn and is a challenging to master. Mora creates an obstacle that the mother faces throughout the story by using repetition in the poem, “Elena”. Mora establishes just

  • David Mora Catlett's Accomplishments

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    One peso an hour was the wage that David Mora Catlett remembers receiving from his mother when he started working for her at the age of 12. As a result of working with his mother she instilled a good work ethic in him at an early age. “After my Father passed away in 2002, working with my mother became a full-time job, from being an apprentice, later I became her assistant and in the end her partner, because of our different experiences in life, my Mom always said that we learned from each other,”

  • Pat Mora - Elena Essay

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    THE TONE OF A SETTING When having a conversation with someone it is easy to know how they are feeling by the tone in their voice. If a person is being funny, they tend to have a smile on their face, but when a person is angry about a particular subject, the tone of their voice becomes extremely loud and overbearing. While reading novels or short stories the characters tone is distinguishable because of the author's use of exclamation points or italicized words. These make the reader understand the