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  • Personal Statement : My Admission To Morehead State University

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    Although my rejection to Morehead State University was no surprise, due to my previous college standings, I was highly disappointed. In hopes of a better outcome after sending my final transcripts for the spring term of 2017, I shortly received my news of rejection.   Although I respect the decision of my rejection to the university, I am presenting you with this appeal in hopes of your reconsideration of my application.   I am interested in pursuing my college career at MSU for many reasons. I want

  • Rock Near Morehead Kentucky Is A Stunning View Of The Daniel Boone National Forest !

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    Lockegee Rock near Morehead Kentucky holds a stunning view of the Daniel Boone National Forest! ¥ An absolute fantastic view. Captured from the top of the Daniel Boone National Forest, located in northeastern Kentucky near the city of Morehead, this featured image originates in one of the most beautiful and well kept secrets on earth. Although this location is breathtaking, efforts to capture images from the summit will certainly involve a bit hiking and climbing, but it’s definitely worth the

  • African-American Survey Report

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    The survey was administered on February 20, 2017. The survey was sent to 146 African American males who were graduates of Morehead State University. The emails and names of the participants were provided by Morehead State University’s Development Office. There were 10 questions that were asked of the participants and the survey was available for participants to complete over a three week period of time. Three of the questions were related to demographics such as if they were from Kentucky or

  • Morehead Inspiration Center Essay

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    The Morehead Inspiration Center is a residential recovery program, serving approximately 100 adult males, over the age of 18, that are seeking recovery from chronic alcohol or drug related addictions. The primary mission of the center is to strengthen the individual recovering from an addiction, support their families and to serve the community in which they reside. The Morehead Inspiration Center is one of ten across Kentucky that participates in the Recovery Kentucky Initiative, a not for profit

  • Buying A Futuristic And Pleasant Real Estate

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    concerned in properties or houses needs bit more insight than observable to the common eye. Characteristically, purchasing a Real Estate Morehead City NC is a bit that is certainly up to every person. A lot of people who attempt to individual a real estate are frequently for families. This result of the smaller room that is typically survives. The Real Estate Morehead City NC does have benefits associated through property deals as well as could give way a fair or even good return on investment. It comprises

  • Family Resource Centers Essay

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    Family Resource Centers Half the children in this country live in homes in which one or both parents work. Twelve million children in this country do not have health insurance, and over 4.5% of all children are victims of suspected child abuse or neglect (Doktor and Poertner). Believe it or not, these are all indicators of the demand for Family Resource Centers within our school systems. Many question whether Family Resource Centers are worth the money the state pours into them. However, in

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Morehead St. University

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    As my first year at Morehead St. University, I have notice there is a small racial of diverse students. This school is predominately white and in a small town in Eastern Kentucky, it can be very intimidating to a few people. Recently, I observe SOARS (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration), which is were incoming freshman students come to Morehead and go to different seminars to get familiar with their future school. I notice the small amount of African Americans who attended the seminar

  • Morehead State University Dining Case Study

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    decline in the fall of 2015, 3) the potential reduction in state aid starting in fiscal 2017, and 4) Morehead’s operating budget may tighten over the next few years without incremental expense cuts. The change is important because investors would see Morehead State University as a credit

  • Graduation Speech : The Morehead State University Honors Program

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    The Morehead State University Honors Program opens the door to many great opportunities which include, but are not limited to, a semester-long internship with a legislator in Frankfort, a summer research program for aspiring physicians and dentists, and a year-long volunteering experience working with children in an after school program. Although all of these would allow me to develop many new skills, along with relationships across our great commonwealth, I feel as if the summer research program

  • I Have The Pleasure Of Teaching Maiyuki Druen Essay

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    I have had the pleasure of teaching Maiyuki Druen for three years; as an 8th grader in Advanced Geometry, as a sophomore in Math 174 Dual Credit Pre-Calculus through Morehead State University, and currently as a junior in AP Calculus. In 8th grade, Maiyuki chose to arrive at school an hour earlier in order to take Advanced Geometry at the high school. She was by far the best student in the class, even though she was in a class of extremely bright freshmen and sophomore high school students. Constantly