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  • Persuasive Essay About Immigration

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    Immigration can be seen as an important role to maintain diversity and a steady economy in many countries, including the United States. However, while people are trying to immigrate to locations where they would get better opportunities for themselves and their families, they are instead being greeted by death or closed doors, caused by awful conditions when trying to cross the border or the inability to gain access to a country with better opportunities. Immigrants are forced to cross illegally

  • Vietnam My Motherland Essay

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    Vietnam - my motherland, gave me the rare chance to perceive an unreported world and to reflect my own thoughts about the nature of humanity. Before I moved to the US, my close friends and I held many charity trips to local orphanages and senior care homes. My first time at an orphanage was full of bittersweet feelings. The children are handicapped, as consequences from the use of toxic Agent Orange in the Vietnam war. Their parents either deceased or gave up on them because of their abnormalities

  • Russia, The Motherland, By Russia Essay

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    Russia, The Motherland From its Slavic and Viking past to its famous landmarks today, Russia is a very intriguing country. Many people consider Russia and its people to be hostile. However, that is not true. There are many examples to prove this. Russia has a very interesting past, affectionate culture, and many places to visit. Russia’s history and language is very fascinating. In 1500 BC, the Slavs traveled through the Steppes into Western Russia and Poland. They settled and lived there for many

  • Examples Of Patriotism Or Love For Motherland

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    Patriotism Or, Love for Motherland Introduction: patriotism is one of the most sterling qualities of human life. Patriotism rouses in him a feeling of pride and glory. “Home, home, sweet home; there is no place like home.” Utility of patriotism: the utility of patriotism is too much to be described. Islam says “Patriotism is a part of religion”. Motherland actually stands next to one’s mother. A country cannot achieve her desired development without the patriotic zeal and sincere participation of

  • Faint Memories Of Visiting My Motherland

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    Faint memories of visiting my motherland linger in my thoughts and dreams. My visit to Bangladesh was filled with celebrations, feasts, adventures, and treacherous journeys! Many of these memories have been forgotten for several years. Faces and locations lost in my head. Yet, it was on one of these perilous journeys that I had discovered a treasure so grand, that it has been embedded in my thoughts ever since. A treasure so grand that it couldn’t be found anywhere else. A treasure so valuable that

  • Ni Kan 's Defiance Of The Motherland

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    Ni Kan’s Defiance of The Motherland Both men and women face the cultural strains of gender norms. Although one can sympathize for both genders, historically speaking, women have faced much more repercussions. In Amy Tan’s, Two Kinds, symbolism of the song in which the main character, Ni kan, must recite as a child, represents the theme of feminine oppression. She recites a song called“Pleading Child” and she only realizes that the song has a second half called “Perfectly Contented” until adulthood

  • Persuasive Essay On The Intolerable Acts

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    to speak freely without persecution. As shown by the Intolerable Acts, we cannot show our dissatisfaction and speak our minds using action without limitations imposed by the Motherland. Why continue to be punished and limited when we do not even have representation in the government that leads us? We need to show the motherland that their restrictions are an overreaction to our harmless acts and revolt against our cruel leaders. We had soldiers placed in our homes as part of the Intolerance Acts

  • The Works Of Vincent Dance Theatre

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    ensemble of multi-tasking collaborators who devise interdisciplinary performance to challenge conventional values in dance and gender politics.” (1) One of the many works of Vincent Dance Theatre is a piece called ‘Motherland’, this piece explores gender very deeply and everything that a women/man/boy or girl may face for example, motherhood, pregnancy, periods and more. It is about the gender people are born into and what they may face in their journey of life. Another

  • Soviet War Dead Remembered Summary

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    deceived in two ways: first, they lied to us; second, it took me eight years to find out the truth about the war itself” which shows how he had trust in the motherland so he went to honor the government but they deceived him (Alexievich 28). Soldiers are not happy because they lost hope in their own government. Alexievich explains how the motherland was so important to the

  • Visit To America Research Paper

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    Well, this correspondent took this long be written because it certify that Ife and I are back in America--and are physically separated from Motherland Nigeria, West Africa. But, some of our Mind, Heart and Soul will always be in Motherland Nigeria, West Africa—The Source. It has been over 30-Days, 729-Hours, 42,200-Minutes and 2,592,000-Seconds since we have returned to the States. Yet, we can still feel, remember and see---walking on the Sacred Earth of Osun Forest-River in Osogbo; visiting