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  • the medieval castle Essay

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    the medieval castle What is a castle? A castle is a properly fortified military residence. Why were castles built? Initially, they were designed and built to hold down conquered territory. They also served to intimidate and strike fear into the local peoples, were places of refuge, and places for the lords to live. They were also impressive symbols of the power and wealth of their owners. How castles came to exist in Europe? Castles were brought

  • Exploration of Castles Essay

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    Exploration of Castles A.D 450 saw the creation of castles. Romans were "replaced" by Anglo Saxon foes, and these did leave behind a system of castles however these were for Motte and Bailey castles built in the reign of Edward the confessor. The Norman invasion of 1066 was one of the causes for castles to become an important part of defence. After king Harold's defeat by William the conqueror, William was concerned about how he would control the country with only

  • Essay On Medieval Castles

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    medieval castles changed dramatically over 400-500 years due to the development of weapons used to destroy or capture them. Firstly, it will talk about the Motte and Bailey castle, outlining a range of problems within it and why it eventually became redundant. Secondly, it will confer about the stone keep castle that replaced the motte and bailey castle, the problems it outlined and why it also leveled out. Then, it will discuss about the concentric castle that took over the stone keep castle and why

  • Essay about The Origin of Norwich Castle

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    The once subjugated Saxons were required to raise a knoll that was twenty-one meters high and surrounded by a dry trench. There were Wooden pikes or posts that protected the buildings on top of the knoll, while to in the south and east of the knoll there were yards that were protected by banks and ditches this all this was to set in motion the ground work for the castle of Norwich. Edward Boardman a Norwich born architect completed the Norwich Castle, a medieval and fantastic defense structure in

  • The Foss Walk

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    This pleasant walk, starting from the hilltop village of Crayke, follows part of the Foss Walk to Oulston. Due to the agricultural nature of the valley, ploughed fields and crops are likely; therefore parts of the walk may be muddy. The village stands on the steep, southern slopes of Castle Hill and its name derives from the Celtic word ‘creig’ meaning crag or rock. There has been a settlement here since at least AD 685, when Ecgfrith, King of Northumbria gave Crayke, together with all the land within

  • The Challenges And Consequences Of The Norman De Veres

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    Colchester, as well as the main roads from London into northern East Anglia and the Lincolnshire fens. Aubrey seems to have made his headquarters at Hengham, now known as Hedingham, standing between two Roman roads and close to the river. He built a motte and bailey castle - a raised mound with wooden palisade defences and a ditch surrounding it. A reconstructed castle of this type can be found near to Hedingham at Stansted Mountfitchet. He also built a castle at Great Canfield, whose earthworks can

  • Medieval Castles

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    changed a lot from the early motte and bailey castles through to castles with thick stone walls. Motte-and-Bailey Castle The Motte and Bailey Castles The two main components: the motte, an artificial mound atop which was built a fortified tower called a keep, and a bailey, which was an enclosure connected to the motte. Many castles of this type also had a ditch around the bailey. Building Fortifications Many early motte and bailey castles were built of timber

  • How Much Did Castles Change in the Middle Ages and Why?

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    and were very simple, but during the reign of William and throughout the rest of the Middle Ages (1066-1500) the design of castles changed. In this essay I will talk about how much castles changed during the Middle Ages and the reasons for this. Motte &

  • How To Build Stone Castle

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    when they were trying to keep control of England? Section A - motte and bailey castles There were many advantages in building motte and Bailey castles. Firstly they were easy and quick to build, unlike stone castles which could take up to 20 years to build. This was useful because this meant that the Normans could build a castle quickly and could therefore establish enough protection, to build stone castles. Secondly Motte and Bailey castles were constructed out of wood and this was easy to acquire

  • William The Conqueror

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    William the conqueror was an extraordinary man. He reigned over England from 1066-1087.During this time he achieved many great things. Winning the battle of Hastings, the Domesday book and so on. People described him as a fine soldier a great administrator and NOT a cruel man by the standard of his age. Read on and discover how he seized complete control of England! William the conqueror had spent months preparing all his armour, weapons, boats and training his army. He was going to