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    and its integration into civil society Mourides have a strong commitment to integrating Islam into the fabric of civil society. Mouride leaders often intervene in civil conflict and regularly put legalism aside, favoring an appeal to “mystical discourses of transcendence.” The final section of my paper will analyze additional ways Mouridism is embedded into institutions of civil society — composed of the mosque, the brotherhood, important events in the Mouride

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    “Bienvenue à la paix de la Téranga”. That was the first thing I was told when I first got off the plane in Senegal, a predominantly Islamic West African country I spent two years living in. During my time there I had the privilege to get in touch with my roots and see a different aspect of life. Not everything is peaches and cream life, I thought I understood that being from Detroit and seeing a lot of poverty and all but I guess I didn't grasp it for the night until I saw children on the street

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    The Non-Western World’s identity was hurting due to the European’s imperialistic power and because the intruders were arrogant. The initial response of the African and Asian people was to try to drive them out. However, anti-foreign reactions were put down fiercely by the Europeans’ superior technology. Therefore, conquered people worked to preserve their own culture from westernization, while Ismail of Egypt felt that the West was superior and that Egyptians should reform. Asians and Africans were

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