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  • Australian Film Gallipoli

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    to the 2017 Australia film festival. I am Jaxon Lennox an Australian film critic and one of the festival organiser of this amazing event. Today I am going to analysis and evaluate the Australian film Gallipoli. The film Gallipoli is about two Australian sprinters that face the ruthless realities of war when they are sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey during World War I. The genre of the film Gallipoli is Drama, War, History and Adventure. The film starts off in Australia and later is

  • Film Review : ' The Snow Town Killings '

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    would be visiting the history of film in Australia, its cultural importance and significance and its distinct examples in modern day film. The Australian film industry has over the years revolutionized from what was called a silent era, to the sound era and then the new wave. The silent era as the name implies featured film making without the use of sound while the sound era introduced the addition of sound to films. From the years 1906 to 1911, Australia happened to be the most prolific producer

  • Research Paper On Gordon Bennett

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    Assessment Unit: VU21473 Student Name: Khoo Boon King SAtudent ID: GEC0000052 Task1 Examine the features of the visual arts in Australia 1. I choose to write about Gordon Bennett 2. He does the painting and printmaking art. And hid style is urban indigenous art. 3. He painted on canvas using oil and acrylic 4. He started his painting in 1989 5. Gordon Bennett was born in monto, Queensland in 1995, Bennett grew up in Victoria from the age of four. After working in various trades in his early life

  • Film Industry Case Study

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    The main objective of this case study is to analyze the policy of co-production in screen industries between Australia and China based on the nation’s situation and the history of film industry. The main problem is how to utilize this policy to enhance government cooperation and business model to apply those policies into the cooperation procedure. The other problem is the shortage of sustainability of film business and to find out the solutions to develop a model to be used as a best practice framework

  • Overview of the Australian Film Industry

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    history, era before 1914, we find out that Australia was counted as one of the biggest film making countries of the world. This Australian film industry took the honor of being first to produce world's first feature film in 1906, The Story of the Kelly Gang. The local movie production was on its peak in year, 1911 in which fifty one movies were released (Pike and Cooper, 1998). Although this number does not seem very impressive today but in those times, Australia was counted as the fastest film producing

  • Australian Films - Screening Responces

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    Week 1: Screening Australianness ‘Newsfront’ (1978) Newsfront (1978) is about the commencement of Australian television. It notions the changing times; the context before the television was a household object. The movie marks the beginning of mass social and political change that was intensified by World War II. With countless men at war, Australian women were able to enter and overtake male roles in the workforce. As a result, Feminism was strengthening. Along with the Women’s movement into

  • Ten Canoes: Study Guide

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    a. Dingo-a wild dog in Australia b. Bandicoot-a small animal in Australia that looks like a cross between a rat and a rabbit c. Goanna- a term used to denote a type of lizard in Australia d. going bush-embarking on adventures in Australia's outback e. bush [as terrain] outside of town terrain f. dreamtime-the belief by Aboriginals of how the world was created g. walkabout-an indefinite walk outside in wild terrain performed by Aborigines h. frame tale as a literary term- stories inside

  • Australian Rules

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    segregation between the fabrics of society in a town that doesn’t possess the capacity to co-exist which is evident in urbanized Australia. My name is ______, and I am taking it upon myself today to tell you, the good people of the Australian Film Board that ‘Australian Rules’ is capable of earning great accolade at the international film competition and doing Australia great favours in the eyes of the international film community. The director, Paul Goldman, has achieved what he

  • Film Review Of Rabbit-Proof Fence

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    based on a true story by Australian director Philip Noyce set in Western Australia in 1931 is a very mean and angry attack on the Australian government's in order for "the science of creating better races of people" policy toward mixed-race people. Continuing policies begun by the British, the white government in Australia for sixty years forcibly removed all mixed-race (people that have existed from the beginning in Australia) from their families to “better improve them”. They were sent to government

  • Australian Film Australi Multicultural Identity Essay

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    Through Australian film Australia to discuss its multicultural identity. 1. Introduction It is proudly acknowledged that Australia has played a role of the pioneers in the sublime world film industry, leaving abundant benefits to the nation so as to obtain a relative cinematic enjoyment in the contemporary era. Along with strong adherence to its multicultural value, it is foundational to the discourse of Aussie cinema. Australian movies not only are able to help enrich the establishment of national