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  • The Movie `` Precious ``

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    How often is it that you watch a movie and you feel uneasy or sad but the movie is actually a good movie; award winning good? Precious is one of the only movies that makes me feel that way no matter how many times I watch it. The movie Precious was actually a bestselling novel written by Ramona Lofton also known as Sapphire; in 1996; then directed into a movie by Lee Daniels in 2009. The movie takes place in Harlem, 1987 it is about an overweight, abused, illiterate teen who is pregnant with her

  • The Movie `` Precious ``

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    responsibility, trust, or power” ( Pg. 130). The movie “Precious”, which is an adaptation of the novel “Push” by Sapphire, touches on every aspect of this definition of child abuse, and although this is a movie, unfortunately it is a reality for 6 million children in America. Any part of this movie at any given time can relate to any aspect of child abuse, but I have chosen specific parts for specific examples. From the very beginning of the movie, anyone can see the abuse that was going on, but

  • Movie Precious Vs Precious

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    numerous people in this world who feel as though they have it so terrible in life, and that there is no way anyone else could have it worse than they do. After watching the film Precious, based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire, any person with this mindset would completely think otherwise. The life lived by Claireece "Precious" Jones was utterly cruel and unusual. Physical abuse plays a huge role in this film. I am so thankful that sexual abuse has never played a role in my life. The toll it took on

  • Precious Movie Analysis

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    Personal Response to the film “Precious” “Precious” is a film about a Harlem teen of the same name’s attempts of escape from her abusive mother and lustful father in order to live a new life and have a brighter future. The movie, in spite of cliché and problems with the plot, managed to win the viewers’ heart and took them up for an empathic and compassionate adventure of Precious, a 16-year-old teen who is slowly transforming into a mature and independent young woman. Coupled with a decent director

  • Precious Movie Analysis

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    In the film Precious discuses a lot of maltreatment and physical abuse. This movie is by far one of the worse because it deals with mistreatment and negative talk on an innocent teenager who wants to be all that she can be, but she is insulted and told differently. There is a lot of drugs being used in the home and just plain out disrespect. Claireece “Precious” Jones who is 16 years old grew up in Harlem during the late 1980s. All of the poor and dirty crime that happens, none of which affects Precious

  • Analysis Of The Movie Precious

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    social conditions, living situations, and even culture to help intervene and impact there life in a positive way. The subject that I want to focus on is the movie Precious. This movie is based the story of a sixteen year old girl Claireece Jones. She was continually raped by her biological father and has birthed two children fathered by him. This movie goes through the struggle to raise her daughter, (who suffers from down syndrome), and make her life better. She has trouble overcoming the struggles of

  • Precious Movie Essay

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    In the begging of the movie, Precious, the main character Precious Jones was on Level 1 according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I know this because she only had her basic necessities such as food, water, sleep, and shelter. At home she wasn’t being shown love nor affection instead she was being sexually, physically, and mentally abused. Additionally, she was receiving abominable treatment from her mother, she mentally abused her by calling her stupid, fat, ugly, dummy, etc. Another reason I know

  • Precious Movie Psychology

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    children like Precious who experienced traumatic and neglectful experiences during her childhood causes uncommon organization of the brain and functions at the lower parts of the brain. The significance of the neural systems in the brain becomes compromised, the functions and capacities that are involved by this system. The fact that the main character of the movie, Precious, experienced a sexual trauma at the age of three is more than enough to

  • Analysis Of The Movie Precious

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    The movie Precious, directed by Lee Daniels, is an emotional movie. Precious can be easily analyzed using basic motivation and emotion theories in psychology. The movie follows Claireece "Precious" Jones and the trials and tribulations she endures at a fairly, young age. After breaking through her curse of physical and sexual abuse, which she has endured since she was three months old, she journeys to become a strong, independent woman. At the beginning of the movie, Precious is physically and verbally

  • Analysis Of The Movie Precious

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    1. Overview of the Movie: The movie Precious, is drama-based film that tells the story of a 16-year-old girl named Claireece Jones (Precious). Unfortunately, she is struggling with her family, the school system and with her own internal emotions. Her mother despises her due to Precious having two kids from her father. She was kicked out of her high school had to go to an alternative school to get her GED. Precious also is struggling with her internal emotions and capabilities, she has been raped