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  • Chinese Medicine : The Body

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    Chinese Medicine The body can be compared to a road map. Just like interconnections between points of travel in a road map, the body is a direct replica of this kind of structure. The body has invisible energy network paths that connect to every cell, bone, organ, skin centimeter and tendon; in fact everything within the body structure. The interconnections ensure that everything is linked so that nothing is left separate. Other abstract dimensions are also added to this. The conscious and unconscious

  • Acupuncture As A Medical Procedure

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    and rotates it. Plucking, scraping and trembling of needle as techniques are also performed. Sometimes when it is needed, he employs the combination of raising/thrusting and rotation. Moxibustion is another most frequently used technique apart from acupuncture by the acupuncturists. Mostly, both these methods moxibustion and acupuncture are used together for better

  • Essay on Chinese Medicine Treatment Options

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    patient-centred approach and encourages active participation in formulating a therapeutic management plan to optimise your health according to the principles and methods of Chinese medicine. Treatment options include: acupuncture, herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, acupressure massage, TDP lamp therapy and buqi therapy. Dietary advice, self-massage, relaxation techniques and remedial exercises (qigong) may be prescribed as part of a lifestyle management program to consolidate the benefits of treatment

  • How Dysmenorrhea Is Treated?

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    How Dysmenorrhea is Currently Treated Dysmenorrhea is pain relating to the menstrual cycle, but in TCM it is broken down further into a number of different disorders. Each type of dysmenorrhea is treated differently because each type has a different cause. There is a common thread in all the types of dysmenorrhea, “In Traditional Chinese Medicine, dysmenorrhea is mainly due to the impeded flow of qi and blood. For example, “Qi and blood deficiency or qi stagnancy aggravated by blood stasis may

  • Why I Want to Study Medicine

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    The sun exploded into a million shades of orange. I sat, friends at each side, atop a monstrous pile of boulders. I looked over the vastness of Joshua Tree National Park, and saw a glimpse of myself. Love filled my soul; love of people, love of family. The backcountry has always helped me find this love; it has been my personal northstar, shepherding me toward research and medicine. I started backpacking at 13, trekking across the winter-harsh lands of Idaho and Montana. It was difficult, but

  • How Does Acupuncture Effectively Reduce Insomnia

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    Does Acupuncture Effectively Reduce Insomnia There are many contributing factors that can cause insomnia or loss of sleep. Whether it is due to medication, diet, illness or anxiety, “50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep issues each year” (CDC, 2015). Multiple studies have been conducted to see whether or not acupuncture effectively reduces insomnia. Acupuncture is a modality that is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Mayo Clinic describes acupuncture as “the insertion of extremely

  • The Past, Present, And Future Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treating Dysmenorrhea

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    The Past, Present, and Future of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treating Dysmenorrhea Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine •Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, theory, diagnostics Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a collection of theories and practices that work together to restore harmony to the body. The two main ideas are a holistic view and treatment based on a differential diagnosis. To utilise those principles there are a number of theories to understand how the body functions

  • Modern Day Drugs And Pain Relief Essay

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    To what extent are modern day drugs and pain relief effective on Mother and baby? There is mixed evidence about complementary therapies being used to relieve labour pains. There are many therapies that you can try for this. What are the benefits of labouring and giving birth in water? Some cultures have used water births for centuries as they believe it helps provide a gentle birthing experience. There is some evidence to support the fact that labour may be quicker and less painful in labour. Women

  • Japanese Health Beliefs and Practices

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    Father Aoyagi felt better for the next two days and the mother and daughter cared for him, cooked for him, and massaged him at home in a quiet, calm, clean environment. Three days after the acupuncture and moxibustion, the father’s symptoms returned and worsened, some of which he attributed to not being able to seek his own acupuncturist at home in Japan. He experienced headache, sudden chest pressure and pain as if someone was sitting on his chest, tingling

  • Chinese Medicine As A Holistic Concept

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    Chinese Medicine as a Holistic Concept Western medicine has four different areas: clinical, preventive, rehabilitation and general health care. Western and Chinese medicine each has its own strengths in clinical and preventive medicine. However, Chinese medicine has more advantages in rehabilitation and health care. Not all physicians will agree with the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. Even though Chinese medicine is not effective for all illnesses and disease, Chinese medicine