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  • Mrs Birling

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    Mrs Birling is one of the principle characters in An inspector calls – she is used to portray the idealistic views held by the upper-class at the time. Mrs Birling is presented by Priestly as the body of Capitalism – by portraying her in a negative light allows the reader to draw assumptions between the negative characteristics portrayed by Mrs Birling and the negative aspects of a capitalist society, which is what Priestly intended to do. Our first impressions of Mrs Birling come from the following

  • Mr Birling Diary

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    I have been at Mr Birling’s factory machine shop for over a year. It’s a painful when you start working, but you will get used to it. Working at Mr Birling’s factory is exhausting, hot and very painful. I try my hardest although I work more efficient I don’t get any respect at all even If I put much effort into my work. We barely get any money 20 shillings a week and that can't keep me alive for much longer; he treats us as ‘cheap labor’ only because we at a lower class. So tomorrow we ask for

  • Mr Birling In An Inspector Calls

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    At the beginning, Mr. Birling is described as a prosperous manufacturer, a wealthy man that has two children, Eric and Sheila, and a wife, Sybil Birling. This character is very sure of himself, but socially speaking, he is inferior to his wife. In the play, he is in a really difficult situation since an inspector appears at his house and says that all his family has the blame of a girl´s suicide, but he does not handle it very well. Priestley makes the reader dislike Mr. Birling by making him say

  • Compare and contrast Mr. Birling and Sheila Birling Essay

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    Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. Birling and Sheila Birling in their attitudes to social issues. In the play “An Inspector Calls” by J.B. Priestly, Mr. Birling and Sheila Birling have contrasting attitudes to social issues. The author uses this difference to highlight the diversity between generations and their reactions to situations faced. Arthur Birling is the father to Sheila Birling and so is presented as the older, “old-fashioned” generation whereas Shelia is the younger

  • Analysis Of Mr Birling In An Inspector Calls

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    The character Mr Birling in ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B Priestley is a greedy, arrogant and selfish ‘hardheaded businessman’, father of two, Sheila Birling and Eric Birling. Through Mr Birling Priestley shows what upper middle-class men were like in 1912. I believe Priestley set the play in 1912 and first performed it in 1946 because this date represented an era where everything was different. In 1912 there was a strict class system and gender roles, Priestley took the chance the end of the war had

  • Essay on Mrs Birling in An Inspector Calls

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    "I've done nothing wrong - and you know it!" Mrs Birling exclaims, refusing to take responsibility for her actions, which is just one of the reasons why the audience may not see Mrs Birling as a very likable character. This essay is going to explore how J.B. Priestley creates such a disagreeable character and why the audience feels this way about her. Priestley represents Mrs Birling, as a very posh and high class woman. She, like her husband, can be very self-important, for example, when the

  • The Inspector And Mr Birling Tension Analysis

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    Inspector and Mr Birling due to their contrasting ideas. They are both extremely powerful figures clashing for dominance and status in the household. A major point hidden by Priestley is their political views, Birling represents a capitalists view point whereas the Inspector is a shadow figure of Priestley's ideas and represents a socialist. They are symbols of the global struggle between Capitalism and Socialism in the 40s. The Inspector is prominent to show his power when Birling attemps to interrogate

  • Significance Of Mr Birling In An Inspector Calls

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    “An Inspector Calls” is originally a play by J B Priestley in 1945, and has been represented in a variety of diverse ways, as a book, a play and many films. In every production, Mr Arthur Birling is presented as a key and significant character. He represents the older generation. He shows how they don’t seem to change throughout the play, or learn from their mistakes, which certainly differs for the younger generation in the family. Priestley’s detailed stage directions include the staging of

  • Essay On Mrs Birling In An Inspector Calls

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    Mrs. Birling, in the opening stage directions by Priestley is introduced as a “rather cold woman and her husband’s social superior”. This is important since readers realise early on in the story that Mrs. Birling is a representative of the aristocracy and her cold nature would be reflective of her pride on that fact. She is portrayed to be very conscious about her social status and extremely authoritative. She clearly likes being in control of things and demonstrates this trait repeatedly in the

  • Description Of Mr Birling In An Inspector Calls

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    Inspector Calls Analysis: Portrayal of Mr. Birling in Act One Writers do portray characters in several way; some are portrayed as bold and courageous while others come out weak and gullible. This essay focuses on the play ‘An Inspector Calls’. This is a play written by J.B. Priestley. It gives an account of how an inspector known as Poole investigates the apparent murder of a young working class woman known as Eva Smith. When the Inspector Poole visits the Birling family, he slowly reveals how every