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  • Mrs Mensah Reported That David

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    Mrs Mensah reported that David was born premature and spent several months in hospital before being discharged and that during this time she visited David in hospital every other day. After David had been discharged, Mrs Mensah stated that she played an active part in David’s early life, reporting that when he was six months old, she would often bathe him, feed him, take him to the park and reported introducing him to many of his favourite toys. Mrs Mensah also reported that she provided regular

  • Short Story : How The Clothes Were Made Before The War '

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    ‘Yes. No. It’s too early to say. But there is another matter I should explain.’ This time, Mr Duck’s face turned solemn when he opened a large history book. The Great Seaboard Wars. Dust flew from its covers, and the parchment crackled when he turned each page. ‘Ah yes, The Great Seaboard Wars’ said Miss Prunella, as she looked over his shoulder

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    always do.” There was a long pause and Ellie instantly became nervous. It was never good when her stepmother paused like this. There was a sharp whistling noise that sounded like Frances was sucking air between the gaps of her front teeth. Only when Mrs. Tuttle had gone to fetch the potatoes did Frances speak. “Ellie, come over to the rug,” she said. “Stand behind that chair, so I can see you.” She did as she was told, placing her hands behind her back and forcing herself to look at the odious visage

  • Overtones In To Kill A Mockingbird

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    this quote and it’s intended meaning. A few examples of this is when the foot-washers call Miss Maudie and her flowers a sin, when the foot-washers quote scripture to Miss Maudie and she quotes some right back, when Mrs. Farrow talks about the blacks as if they are wild animals, when Mrs. Merriweather talks about the cooks and field hands grumbling after Tom’s Trials and when Jem is explaining to Dill why Dolphus Raymond is somewhat of a town outcast. Some of the extremely devout people (the foot-washers

  • Summary On The Episode ( 3-4 Sentences )

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    Chapter Page # Summary of the Episode (3-4 sentences) Relevance/Analysis (3-5 sentences that answer 1 or more of the guiding criteria) Significant Quotation (supports character development) Quote Page # Chapter 6 Pages 46-47 Jane starts a conversation with Helen, a student who was flogged without reason. She can’t understand why Helen would bear the pain and not rebel. Jane’s rebellious nature can be seen in this passage. She has a hostility towards violent authority. This is most likely caused

  • Dr. Seuss: A Real Doctor: An Analysis

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    As a young child, I always wondered if Dr. Seuss was a real doctor. After doing some digging, I found out that Dr. Seuss wasn’t a real doctor. I loved Dr. Seuss, and this made me question everything. This left a major impact on me, especially in my younger years. I started to question if literature was even important to me. It is a little silly, questioning literature over Dr. Seuss not being a real doctor, but that’s how it was! I would go between these phases of not reading for a while and reading

  • Prelude Bellluxe

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    Prelude- Belleluxe- 1632     I am Rose Marseille. I live in Belleluxe, a tiny city with many rich people within it. One of the rich families is my family,  the Marseille’s. There’s Mr. Jacob Marseille (father), Mrs. Mary Marseille (Mother); and my siblings, William (15), Daisy (10), Charles (7),  May (1), and Me (13). Along with the arrogant Kellies; Lola and Lela (14), James (27), and John (16). The sweet Scherbaums, and many others. However, there are unfortunately many poor people too. Such

  • Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

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    Never Let Me Go is about a thirty one year old woman named Kathy H. Kathy is a carer for donors and she travels from care center to care center. She talks about her childhood at Hailsham and her childhood friends, mostly Ruth and Tommy, and the adventures she experienced. At the end of the book, we learn that Kathy lives in a world where her schoolmates and her are clones that are made for donating organs until they die or “complete.” They accept this fate without questioning it. Never Let Me Go

  • Monologue Of Mrs Light

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    In stark contrast, to Roderick’s recklessness towards Christina, James shows Mrs Light’s ardent devotion towards her daughter, whom she once regarded as, a “very ugly baby; for the first two years I could hardly bear to look at her…” (208), and such dedication is the direct result of a religious revelation that, in fact, Christina is profoundly beautiful. Mrs Light’s about-face concerning Christina’s prettiness, she conveys to Rowland as a mythological tale in which she sees “a little girl of four

  • What Is The Journey To The Murder Of Drr. Orwell's Murder?

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    laid down on the couch. When I got up I went to the kitchen where I found Mr. Boddy dead on the floor with a gash on his head and a candle stick beside him. I then warned the others that Mr. Boddy was murdered when I told them everyone but Mrs. Peacock was shocked. I then said ¨One of the people among us was a killer or someone else was in the house.¨ We then split up Col. Mustard and I, miss Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock, and Prof. Plum went by himself because Dr. Orchid was not