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  • Mulan

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    Hayden Ikerd Mr. Wheeler AP Literature 12 April, 2013 Thomas Foster’s Themes Traced in Mulan In his book How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Thomas Foster explains many reoccurring themes in literature, and shows how to recognize them and in some instances shows certain works where they occur. By reading this guide to literature, one may gain a deeper understanding of the work itself and of the author’s intent in writing it. However, Foster’s methods can also be applied to films. A film

  • Mulan, By Tony Bancroft And Barry Cook

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    Mulan is Disney animation about a story with a strong woman protagonist, who is Fa Mulan, directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook in 1998. The film is based on Chinese legendary story of Hua Mulan. Overall of the film shows Chinese Confucian and traditional values with unique regulation, culture, and traditional system in their society. According to diegetic elements of Mulan which is defined as elements that consists of events, characters, objects, settings, and sounds in the story, the main event

  • The Legend of Hua Mulan

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    The legend states that Hua Mulan lived during the Northern Wei dynasty. She is a mythical figure from ancient China portrayed in the Chinese poem, Ballad of Mulan. Though both princess warrior show and movie, The Legend of Hua Mulan and Disney’s Mulan have different character personalities and reasons of going to war. The Legend of Hua Mulan is straightforward and seeks to depict Mulan as a warrior. Disney’s Mulan, however, depicts Mulan as trying to prove her parents wrong and bring home a man as

  • The Film Mulan

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    Disney Film: Mulan This one of a kind Disney film “Mulan” (Bancrofty and Cook, 1998) draws an innovative path for Disney's animation studio. It mixes the traditional elements such as with a brave heroine and those cute animal sidekicks. The material appears to be more adventuresome and grown up. Similar to Fox's “Anastasia,” Mulan is known as a film from which not just children but also adults can enjoy on their own, devoid of feeling an obligation in taking along with their children. In terms

  • The, The Righteous Politician, Mulan, By Robert D. San Souci

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    Dante, The Righteous Politician; Mulan, The Righteous Activist Dante’s Inferno, although written more than 400 years ago, rings a certain familiarity with audiences everywhere. This epic explores concepts systematic to the development and revival of intimate themes throughout modern and classic works of literature and film. There are a myriad of works and themes that weave the web of modern literature drawing inspiration from and parallel to Inferno’s style and concession. Inferno’s use of cultural

  • The Legend Of Mulan By Mulan

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    of Mulan Mulan was a legendary warrior, who disguises herself as a man to fight during the Southern and Northern Dynasties (386-589).1 China was separated into North and South. Where North China was under the control of the Tuoba Clan, a Mongol people not of Han descent.2 While the Southern Kingdom was under the control of the Chinese people.3 It was during these time the legend of Mulan can be interpreted in many different many ways across history. The earliest record is the “Poem of Mulan” and

  • Religion In Mulan

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    The movie Mulan portrayed a young and beautiful Chinese female who always seems to place disappointment and dishonor on her herself, her father, and her families last name. Mulan depicted as a nontraditional chinese female. Honestly, She doesn't fit in with the Chinese traditional culture whatsoever due to the reasons she speaks her mind, disobeys orders, and she impersonated a soldier by disguising herself as a man to fight a war. Throughout the movie, Mulan and her family continues to pray to their

  • What If All Princesses Shared All The Same Traits?

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    “princesses,” Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and arguably, even Mulan, remain thin, beautiful, kind, obedient or punished for disobedience, and headed for the altar”(Gillam 471).Even though Gillam and Wooden include her in I think Mulan is depicted in completely different way than the other Disney princesses. Not only is her Disney character based on a true story which is  based in China during the Han dynasty and the need for men to fight in the Chinese army. Mulan is a unique disney princess because she steps out

  • Mulan Essay

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    The film Mulan is set in ancient China, in an undefined dynasty. The Huns have penetrated the Great Wall and have invaded China. The emperor orders that new soldiers be drafted. Mulan, a girl who recently humiliated her family by failing the Matchmaker’s assessment, in order to save her aging father from death at war, steals her father’s armor and masquerades as a soldier. Throughout the film, several historical inaccuracies, as well as accurate portrayals, become apparent, in such respects as religious

  • Mulan Stereotypes

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    However, Disney’s movie Mulan countervails these stereotypes as the main character and protagonist, Mulan, acts as a symbol of resilience by resisting the gender roles placed on her by society and as a result, is seen as a hero. Throughout the movie Mulan, there are many instances when women's gender stereotypes are present as well are reinforced. Mulan reinforces the stereotype that being a women, means being useless, needy and no important