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  • Deplorable Description Of The Mulk Raj Anand 's Untouchable

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    Deplorable Description Of The Outcaste in Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable The proposed project will discuss on the novel “Untouchable” by Mulk Raj Anand and will draw attention towards the sensitive issue of untouchability. ‘Untouchable’ a fiction published in the year 1935, presents the prime concerns of the great author Mulk Raj Anand, which is, to highlight the cause of the dumb and the deserted, the lowly and the lost of an adverse society. His concerns are always been for the creatures in the

  • The Indelible Problem : Mulk Raj Anand And The Plight Of

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    • Anand, Mulk Raj. /aug2014/sulochanat woleavesfinal. • Anand, Mulk Raj. anand/ stracuzzi1.html • Anand, Mulk Raj. “The Indelible Problem: Mulk Raj Anand and the Plight of ...” /india/anand/ stracuzzi1. • Anand, Mulk • Anand, • Anand, Mulk Raj. “CulturalCompass”. blog

  • Analysis Of Mulk Raj Anand 's ' The Feminine Sensibility '

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    INTRODUCTION   Mulk Raj Anand is a prominent figure in Indian writing for his delineation of the lives of the poor castes in traditional Indian culture and society and his depiction of Indian women. His personal experiences and the changes in Indian political, social and cultural institutions forms his works. Anand is more intrigued in life than in art, and in art only in so far as it serves life. He considers “truly humanistic art is commensurate with the needs of our times.”(Anand, 1946) Anand’s

  • Analysis Of Mulk Raj Anand 's `` Art For The Sake Of Man '

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    Mulk Raj Anand, despite a genius writer, is a critic, an educationist and a social worker. He is interested in human beings despite his critics described him a Marxist, a propagandist. His fiction revolves around the human being. Humanitarian ground becomes the nucleus of all his thinking and writing. He does not believe in ‘art for art’s sake’ but he believes in ‘art for the sake of man’. His main attempt in his work has been to expose the values of a man in a society by which he may gain real foundations

  • Social Conflict In Untouchable By Mulk Raj Anand

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    Anand lays strain on the demands of the present; he refuses to be bound by fusty convention and orthodoxy. In fact, Anand’s novels convey emotional truths as well as social realities and the beauty of his art of fiction is well realized by way of analysis and interpretation of social problems and of corrupt practices. However social life in India has been entirely revolutionized since then, one cannot say with confidence that casteism is fully wiped off in all the states of India. Untouchable gives

  • Marginalization In Coolie

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    Abstract Through the fictional works, Anand has given a voice to the voiceless marginalized lot in the society. He writes about the oppressed, suppressed, exploited and humiliated people who face social, political, economic and cultural exclusion. In Coolie (1936), Mulk Raj Anand dramatizes the tragic life of the marginalized class i.e. the poor in the society. It is a suffering saga of Munoo who performs variegated jobs as a domestic servant, coolie, and rickshaw puller for sustenance. He struggles

  • The Lost Child Analysis

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    freedom. He appropriately imparted the words to the mute have-nots to rebel in their own ways. He takes up his plots to a revolutionary idealism with a passion. During World War II, Anand worked as a broadcaster and scriptwriter for the BBC, London. So, the stories have the influence of his being a journalist. In spite of the problem in technique of writing The Lost Child, he brilliantly reproduces

  • Lameent On The Death Of A Master Of Arts Summary

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    dirge with a fictional veneer. The protagonist Nur cries out in a seemingly dejected mood as most of the have-nots do. "Why did they drag me into the dust by making me? Master of Arts?" (George, C, J. cited Anand, Mulk books?i sbn817164453.Web.13Jun.2013). He is trapped in the life-and-death predicament. His marriage adds fuel to the fire. He is thrown into the state of anxiety which affects his health adversely. He contracts dreadful consumption and ultimately succumbs

  • Coolie By Mulk Anand Analysis

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    and everyone was effected by the blow of this even poetry, drama and novel too. So Anand could not stay uninfluenced by it. He suffered a lot so this made him abhorrence imperialism. He was conscious of the sufferings of our community from dearth and nastiness. No one in India had yet written the classic on this suffering effectively because the realities were too rudimentary for a writer like Tagore. Mulk Raj Anand an immense Indian novelist draws our consideration through his immortal characters

  • Social Injustices And Realism And Injustices Of Muulk Raj Anand

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    disease and very substandard living conditions. The fact that there was a cholera epidemic from which Gangu’s wife dies showed that the contagious nature of the diseases was serious. The realism in the novel is the is the first hand observation of Mulk Raj Anand and his observations of the tea garden laborers when he lived for a time in Assam.