Multiple comparisons

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  • Completely Randomized Factorial Anova

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    Next, click on Tukey to select this multiple comparison procedure. The preferred procedure, Fisher-Hayter statistic, is not an option in SPSS. When the n’s are equal, the Tukey and Fisher-Hayter statistics are equal. You can compute the Fisher-Hayter statistic from the information in the ANOVA and Multiple Comparisons tables given later. The Fisher-Hayter statistic can be referred to the Studentized Range table (Table D9) in

  • Difference Between Ht Group And Group

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    We preformed 2-waty ANOVA statically analysis on mean irradiance with p< 0.05. All Pairwise Multiple Comparison Procedures (Holm-Sidak method) show overall significance level = 0.05 (Table III, IV). The mean irradiance for HT group at the recommended temperature decreases from 331.77 mW/cm2 to 188 mW/cm2 as the tackiness increases from 1 to 2mm. The mean irradiance for LT group decreases from 276.2 mW/cm2 to 121.17 mW/cm2 as the thickness increase from 1 to 2. There are statistically significant

  • Research article by Kavitha and Sugirtha (2013), on a topic evaluation and sediment quality

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    Research article by Kavitha and Sugirtha (2013), on a topic evaluation and sediment quality assessment of two perennial ponds revealed that the water from selected perennial ponds are fit for domestic purposes and aquatic life. The present study was conducted to determine the sediment quality of core sediment of ponds. In this study, the concentration of all parameters were analyzed. The percentage of sand, silt and clay were observed and they found that it differed in relation to depth. Mostly

  • Allport ( 1937 ) : A Self Enhancement Theory

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    Allport (1937) proposed a self-enhancement theory - an idea that there exists a vital and universal human need to view oneself positively. According to Campbell and Sedikides (1999) people desire to increase the positivity and reduce the negativity of the self-concept. Tesser (1988) developed the Self-Evaluation Maintenance (SEM) Model, predicting that people prefer to maintain a positive self-evaluation and be seen more positively than they truly are. Tesser also proposed that basic SEM model has

  • The Language Arts Program

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    Part A What is the Null Hypothesis (Ho)? There is no difference in mean WAVFT score between student who did not take the language arts program and the students who did. What is the Alternative Hypothesis? There is a difference in mean WAVFT score between students who did not take the language art program and the students who did. What is (are) the Independent Variable(s)? The independent variable of this study is the language arts program. There are two levels: students who did take the language

  • Investigating The Correlation Between Randomized Anova And Repeated Measures Anova?

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    0.010181883 7.559432 Within Groups 14.75 10 1.475 Total 36.917 12 3.076417 b. Yes, the F_(obt )is statistically significant at the α = .05, but not at the α = .01 level; there should be a post hoc comparison to determine the〖 HSD〗_.05. c. After conducting the post hoc comparison, it is determined that a difference of 1.91 or more at the .05 alpha level. 〖HSD〗_(.05 ) = (3.15) √(1.475/4= ) (3.15) √(.607 ) = (3.15) (.607) = 1.91 d. Therefore, the H_(0 )should be rejected and H_(a )should

  • A Comparison of Multiple Research Designs

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    passes for every 15 minutes that he remains in his seat. Multiple baseline design takes three basic forms to change target behaviors. The multiple baseline across behaviors design, consisting of two or more different behaviors of the same subject. After the baseline data has been recorded the independent variable is applied to one behavior until one criterion level is met for that behavior before moving on to the next behavior. The multiple baseline across settings design, consisting of

  • Peter Singer Argument

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    Singer, in his argumentative essay, “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” asserts that it is the individual's responsibility to save children in poverty. Singer utilizes many rhetorical strategies-- including appealing to pathos, repetition, and comparison of statistics-- to defend his argument: “Whatever money you’re spending on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away.” He adopts an analytical and indignant tone in order to convince Americans to donate money to save the lives of millions

  • Allusions In Hamlet

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    Allowing one to see a comparison through a reference to something well-known rather than a few descriptive words can strengthen one’s understanding of the comparison to a great extent. These references, or allusions, can incorporate an understanding that goes beyond what one work can obtain. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, multiple allusions are used throughout the play to compare the characters and extend the meanings or emotions behind actions. The texts most borrowed from throughout the play

  • Machiavelli And Love

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    instilled a healthy fear in his army and, as a result, has remained victorious and united in the face of war. By using these techniques, he effectively argues that the impacts of being feared are far better than those of being loved. This method of comparison is different from Nietzsche’s because Machiavelli assumes the definitions of his terms and goes right ahead to showing causes and effects of love and fear. Nietzsche