Multistable perception

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  • Does Binocular Rivalry Affect Our Conscious Perceptions?

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    Binocular rivalry is the switching of perception between two images seen by the eyes simultaneously. Past research has indicated that some substances can affect binocular rivalry rate. In this study, we looked at the rate of binocular rivalry in undergraduate students when they had consumed either alcohol or caffeine, or were in a control group. We found that caffeine significantly sped up the rate of binocular rivalry, but that alcohol had no significant effect. This implies that substances may

  • Hume's and Anscombe's View on Causation

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    In this paper I discuss both Hume’s and Anscombe’s view on causation. I begin with Hume and his regularity theory; then I move onto Anscombe where I provide a rebuttal of Hume’s regularity theory, and later I explain how Hume would respond to Anscombe’s objection to Hume’s regularity theory. Hume’s notion of causation is his regularity theory. Hume explains his regularity theory in two ways: (1) “we may define a cause to be an object, followed by another, and where all the objects similar to the

  • The Mind: Biological and Mental Functions

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    shows that the mind constructs a more perfect reality by adjusting their impressions to account for situation (Gilbert, 2002, 172). This shows that the human mind has the ability to take old-information and re-process it in ways that complete the perception of their social reality. This is clearly advantageous because as stated before, categorization can help to quickly identify information, but it can also lead to misinterpretation of information, so with adjustment the mind has the ability to correct

  • Gestalt Psychology and Perception

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    perceptual phenomena. In response, they proposed that perception is based on the organization of stimuli into holistic and meaningful forms. They are well-known for the phrase "the whole is different than the sum of its

  • Rene Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy

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    perceive it through the mind alone.” (Descartes, 22) He ends his argument on how he perceives the wax with telling us that it is not our imagination that grasps all of the perceptions of the wax, but the mind that does it. Rene Descartes just proved to us that our imagination is not able to grasp all of the perceptions of the wax but the mind is. After proving that theory he suddenly starts to doubt his proof. “But meanwhile I marvel at how prone my mind is to errors.” (Descartes, 22)

  • Do Animals Have Minds?

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    Humans have for centuries pondered on the mind, its existence, its beginning, it’s limit, it’s substance, and fought many different arguments against them all. But how do we know if any animals have a mind? Is intelligence unique to humans? Professor Donald Griffin has pointed out that “consciousness is not a tidy all-or-nothing entity, it varies with age, culture, experience and gender. And if animals have conscious experiences, these presumably vary widely as well.” If humans have minds, it must

  • The World Wide Web

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    mind views that all things within the Matrix as real, and despite the fact that the characters have the ability to bend the laws of physics to perform superhuman feats because they know that the Matrix is a simulation, they cannot defy the mind’s perception of personal injury or death. The Matrix also has connection with a philosophical question posed by French philosopher Rene Descartes. One of Descartes’s important idea was intellectual autonomy, or the ability to think for ourselves. He also indicates

  • How Patanjali Is Considered A Divine Messenger

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    Upanishadic wisdom converged on a shared belief in a universal law that guided the abiding presence of religious and metaphysical forces in the lives of individuals and of the collective destiny of all things in the universe. The Upanishadic teachings help us to understand how yoga evolved. Patanjali is historically understood to have been a divine messenger, born some time between 500 BC and 200 BC. The dates are uncertain to this day as the lives of the great sages and mystics were not measured

  • Skepticism About The External World

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    Skepticism about the external world is one of the most widely discussed arguments in the history of philosophy. Barry Stroud defines skepticism as the idea that we cannot have knowledge about the external world (Stroud, page 1). This conclusion is the result of Rene Descartes’ Dream Argument and has been a topic of discussion ever since. No matter how we attack the argument, it seems that we inevitably arrive at skepticism. In this paper, I will argue that the skeptical conclusion is true and why

  • Organizational Behavior : An Organization

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    Organizational Behavior Scenario Applications It takes a team to run a successful organization. Managers all around are focusing on improving employee morale in the workplace because without dedicated and motivated employees, companies could not be successful. Managers that are running prosperous companies have the knowledge of Organizational Behavior. Organizational Behavior is the study of what people think, feel and do in and around organizations. Organizational Behavior influences employees motivation