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  • The Importance Of A Classical Music Concert

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    to hear several guitar concerts each semester. If you’ve never attended a classical music concert before, you might feel uncomfortable with the idea of it. This is perfectly normal and is not specific to classical music. I’m sure you can imagine how out of place one might feel attending a Phish concert if one wasn’t accustomed to the culture that goes along with that music. The same can be said for all genres of music. The main thing to remember when attending these concerts is that the focus is on

  • Concert Report On Music Concert

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    Name Music32 Concert Report Professor Name 2015.6.2 Music Concert Report On Sunday, May10 2015, a concert was held in The Broad Stage. The concert was played by Santa Monica College Symphony Orchestra, whose conductor is Dr. James Martin. For this concert, I would identify myself as a referential listener at this concert. I say this because

  • Music Concert Essay

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    This afternoon at 12:30, I went to the listening hour, a free noontime concert, at the Music Building. The concert of the day is SJSU Saxophone Studio and Dr. Victoria Lington’s Saxophone Ensemble Concert. Since it is just a one-hour noontime concert, most of the students there just where their t-shirts and jeans to the concert. The SJSU Saxophone Studio students have played six pieces of music in one hour. They began the concert with Sonata no.3 composed by George Frideric Handel (1685-1789). The

  • Essay On A Music Concert

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    This afternoon, I went to the music concert hall where is located in the music building for the listening hour, a small noon-time concert which is performed by the staff and students from the music majors. Since it is a free noon-time concert, most of the audiences just wear the t-shirts and jeans to the concert. Dresses are not required for the concert. The performance today is given by the Ananda Jazz Ensemble. They have played “Running Away”, composed by Bob Marley; “Madalena”, composed by Ivan

  • The Music And Dance Concert

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    The World Music and Dance Concert series this year was diverse in their expression of the different countries represented. For example, countries such as Haiti, The United Kingdom, North India, China and many African countries were represented during the performance. Between both their representation of typical music and dances performed, the concert accurately depicted what a typical scenario in each country would look like. The atmosphere of the performance can be described as exciting and optimistic

  • Essay On A Music Concert

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    I attended my second concert for my music appreciation class on November 2, 2017 beginning at 7:30 pm and the performance lasted two hours. The musicians in this concert was Patty Goble singing soprano, Dan Goble playing many different saxophones, and finally Russell Hirshfield playing the piano. The pieces performed during this concert was II Re pastore, KV 208/ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), Ariettes oubliees/ Claude Debussy (1862-1918) this piece of music had three movements, Hat City Sonata

  • Music Concert Review

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    series concert, the style of music displayed was different pieces from 1756-1983. There are six groups who performed and the instruments range from horn, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, harp, percussion, and a beautiful voice. This concert was full of new sounds, and I wasn’t very familiar with these different sounds and instruments that were being played. My initial reaction to this chamber ensemble was that I absolutely loved it. It’s insane how all these instruments can make music glow

  • Music Appreciation: Music Concert Review

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    Kha Tran Music Appreciation HUM 1113 Second Concert Review A Night of “Guitars” Not like a first concert I attended, this show named “a night of Blues” had a little bit small and less impressive. It was not because the show was boring, but just a few people joined this show, the theater is also smaller, too. It was a Tuesday evening of April 12, me and my sister knew that there also had another concert held on the VPA, but still decided to go to this concert because we all love guitar. We headed

  • A Music Concert Experience

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    AFRIKA-BREDENKAMP FOR ‘THE LAST WORD’ PAGE IN CAPE UNION MART MAGAZINE – THE INTREPID EXPLORER MAGAZINE SUMMER 2017/2018 What are the top destinations you would still love to travel to? I still want to do a “music concert experience” holiday, where my amazing hubby and I only attend music festivals. Also, we are going to New York for my 40th and my mother-in-law and I are travelling to Philadelphia next year. I would love to go to Amsterdam! Our family is also visiting Madeira next year. I just

  • Music Concert Review Essay

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    Li-shan Hung at Cerritos College. The performance location, took place in the music building at BC-51 on January twenty ninth at eleven in the morning. The performance was played on the piano with three amazing pieces; Impromptu in E-Flat Major D.899 NO.2 by Franz Schubert, Ballade No.4 in F Minor, Op.52 by Frederic Chopin, and lastly Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel by Johannes Brahms. For this being my first concert like this, I had a great time enjoying and observing how she played and witness