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  • The 's Influence On The World 's Music Today

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    Though Norway has a small population of only 5.3 million inhabitants, its musical culture is just as rich as many other countries. From classical and folk, to blues, country, electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, and metal, Norway’s traditions contribute to all of them. Although Scandinavia is often overlooked, it has a strong influence on all of the world’s music today. Archaeological digs have shed light on some unknown history of Norwegian music by revealing artifacts including instruments such as the

  • Edvard Grieg: The Romantic Era

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    Fortenberry Mr. Dale Music Appreciation 20 November 2015 Edvard Grieg The Romantic era was a very transformative time for music, and many great composers arose during this time. One such person is named Edvard Grieg. This Norwegian composer and pianist created marvelous music during his lifetime and in doing so he thrust Norway into the musical spotlight of the time. Even though his music contained a lot of nationalism he also liked to claim that his music represented European music as a whole. This

  • Dilemmas Facing the People of Norway Today Essay examples

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    Norway is a country with a long and interesting history. They are the descendants of Vikings. They managed to survive being occupied by Germans in World War II, even fighting back as well as they could. Now they are dealing with the same issues that many countries are dealing with, how to interact with the rest of the world in this new age of global connectivity. They are trying to find the balance between progress and trying to maintain their cultural uniqueness. In this increasingly technologically

  • Romantic Fiction Of Edvard Grieg

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    difference between the two is that romantic music has richer tones, and was heavily rooted in history. One of the main factors of romantic music is the tie to nationalism, and country-wide pride. (Einstein 1980) These factors play a role in making Romantic music some of the most fascinating music to be composed. A composer that encompassed this idea of both rich tones and nationalism is Edvard Grieg. He was born on June 15, 1843, and as raised in Strandgaten, Norway.

  • Edvard Grieg Biography

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    Edvard Grieg Edvard Grieg was born in Bergen, Norway on June 15th, 1843. When Edvard was just six his mother taught him how to play the piano. He studied at many different schools including Tanks school and Norwegian private school when he got older. While he was at Norwegian private school he met a violinist, who said that with his amazing talents, he should go to Leipzig Conservatory which is a piano school. He decided that it wasn't for him. In 1860 Edvard survived a lung disease this caused

  • Analysis Of Tundra By Ola Gjeilo

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    song is performed beautifully by this choir, and it has a lot of potential. This song is a short, yet sweet piece that shows the beauty of Norway. This song exemplifies how poetry can be turned into music. This song was written by Charles Anthony Silvestri and was produced by Ola GJeilo. Charles Anthony Silvestri wrote this song in honor of his home country Norway. As you listen to the text, you can hear what beauty he is talking about. For example, “Of green and white and granite grey, Snowy patches

  • A Hardingfele Fiddle

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    traditionally from Norway. This instrument with its rich history is quite possibly a gem in the string family that is normally overlooked. Even though many people have never heard of a hardingfele it is commonly considered the national instrument of Norway! In this paper I hope to show you a brief history of the hardingfele and then a look at how the hardingfele is still used today. The hardingfele came to be in the mid 1700’s in the area around the Hardanger fjord of Norway. It is easy to see from

  • A Brief Note On Norwegian Black Metal

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    999671886 MUS211 – Final Paper Norwegian Black Metal The Oxford dictionary’s definition of Black Metal is “a subset of heavy metal music having lyrics that deal with Satanism and the supernatural“ . Fans of black metal, or any other music that deals with the occult, are usually considered outcasts, and some would find it difficult to regard this genre of music, as ‘Popular’, but the growing number of fanatics all over the world, mainly in the Scandinavian countries, would refute that. The image

  • Similarities Between Modern And Modern Music

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    created music with their voices and have used technology to create instruments and different sounds to create music. Everything comes from something, all music is inspired by something. This is seen through the similarities between modern and ancient music. The musicians Lido and Giovanni Gabrieli share many musical elements. Peder Losnegård also known as Lido, LidoLido, Lil'P, and Trippy Turtle is a Norwegian rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter. He was born at Tysvær, Norway on October

  • Descriptive Essay On Halden Prison

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    Halden Prison Can you imagine being “punished” inside a 5-star luxury hotel? In Norway, less than 3000 of the country’s 5 million population are behind the bars. Inside a maximum-security prison in Halden, Norway, its purpose is to rebuild and rehabilitate inmates into better human beings. The warden, Holden believes the environment should relate to the outside world, he wants to keep it as welcoming a possible. Compared to the American justice system, their prime focus is to reform prisoners rather