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  • Music Copyright : An Individual Or Group Of Musical Creators

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    Music copyright is the right to exclusively reproduce original music or works of an individual or group of musical creators. This right is granted by the Australian Law. This gives the writer a legal control of his or her original work, meaning, the subject can dictate how it should be used and distributed. The music author therefore has the right to take legal action upon anyone who uses the work without permission. (Christie 2012 np) Copyright infringement on the other hand is violation of this

  • Marching Band Director Essay

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    Marching band directors are masterful musicians who are well trained in music theory, history, musicianship, and artistry. Being an accomplished musician isn’t enough. It is also good to be an excellent teacher. To be effective you must balance musical artistry. Being proficient is great. A thoughtful attention to artistry, quality of music, and movement is a good thing to have. A creative show design is needed. Once a marching band season is over, high school band directors should be prepared to

  • Essay on Band Music Librarian

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    Although many music librarians come to the position via performing, my career included several additional layers of being at the right place at the right time. Despite years of violin and viola lessons, I wasn’t dedicated enough to play professionally, and I knew enough about myself not to go into teaching; since I assumed those were the only two jobs in music, I went to college intending to become a radio producer. Job-hunting with the impressive-sounding “special interdisciplinary degree in audial

  • My Love For Music

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    Life as a teenager today can be very stressful and sometimes intense. One must reflect to outweigh these crazy times with special moments and special people. Being a team member in many Pine Richland High School Band programs has allowed me to dive in and move forward sharing my love for music and touching the lives of others. My involvement in the band has led me out of my comfort-zone, and allowed me to be a strong and confident leader. Through my achievement of various leadership roles and opportunities

  • The Importance Of Music In The High School Band Room

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    Albert Schweitzer once said, “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” While cats are really great, music can be a safe haven for many people; I myself feel most at home when surrounded by music. The best place for me to have this safety, security and acceptance is in the high school band room. For most, it is just a room filled with instruments and kids who don’t want to go to gym; but the memories and friends made there are what make that room so special. The

  • Education : The Importance Of Education In High School

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    There are many opportunities through one’s life where it is possible to gain education. Some may find these opportunities through books, movies, friends, or even just from daily activity. Although I have learned a great deal of information from these themes, I have noticed that I have surprisingly gained a lot of education from my band class provided at my high school. Not only have I learned the importance of music, but I have gained many educational values. Throughout my life, one place I have

  • The Importance Of My High School Band

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    comprehend how good of a player I am, especially because I have performance anxiety which hinders me during auditions and most performances. I constantly compare myself to this amazing player who auditions well, who is regularly being recognized for musical achievements, and who can never quite understand the concept of humility. He never understood my struggle, so I was left adrift in an overwhelming sea of ineptitude. I

  • Personal Essay: How Marching Band Changed My Life

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    My Trombone,spats,ninety degree angles, eight to fives, plumes, and a water bottle. All essential materials and commands that I have learned in my four years of marching band. Excellence, leadership, truth and service. All values that, any marching band veteran can tell you, are learned in this process.  Marching band was one of the most trans-formative experiences I've had in my life and helped shaped me into the proud person I am today. As a High School Senior, I can look back and say that marching

  • We Need To Fight This Trend: Band Geeks

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    devotion that makes the program possible. In the blog “We Need to Fight this Trend: Marching Bands Taking Steps to Survive,” Karina Bland speaks of Gary Anderson’s pursuit to build up bands and highlights the importance of such a program. Both musical enthusiasts wish to keep band functioning for students, stating that “music may be the only thing that keeps them in school.” They are supportive of activities students find interest

  • Descriptive Essay On The Finale Concert

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    As I watched the hands of the conductor raise, my heart started pounding while lilliputian drops of salty sweat started forming over my face. The bright spotlight turned on, revealing the microscopic particles of dust in the air. Reflected from the spotlight, the gleaming wood of my violin shined into my eyes. The smell of wood and sweat lingered around, being wafted by the air conditioning as it made a pleasing soft rumbling noise. Earlier Me and the junior strings orchestra were getting ready