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  • What Is The Theme Of The Highwayman

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    Index Page 1: 1. Annotate the poem and research. 2.The romantic epic. 3.Casting characters. 4.Create a character through the camera 5.Desing a costume. 1. Annotate the poem and research: Summary of poem: The poem starts out with a highwayman (this is a thief who use to hold people’s carriages they usually come on horseback) visiting his girlfriend Bess who is the daughter of an innkeeper. He's on the move (meaning he will be back the next day after he has robbed some people) so he only

  • What Were the Effects of the Rifle? Essay

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    than a musket, is the fact that it has rifling throughout the barrel of the gun. Rifling is a system of spiral grooves in the surface of the bore of a gun causing a projectile when fired to rotate about its longer axis (Merriam-Webster). The rifle changed America by starting long range warfare, enforcing a new industry of American weaponry, and leading to the sniper rifle which now has many important uses such as protecting the white house.

  • Gun Rights : The Symbols Of The Second Amendment

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    with the right to own a gun. The symbolism behind the musket in the monument I am creating is that it was one of the major guns used during the revolutionary war. The second amendment is mostly about gun rights and allowing them in the states to the people, to protect themselves. The musket was used by many american soldiers, because it was light weight and shot a smaller bullet these were a favored gun to the continental soldiers. These muskets were the best at close range in the battle next to rifles

  • How To Write An Excerpt From Fahrenheit 451

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    was a savage killer and it only was the one true word that I heard the crowd say and it was that word that put me in this new world. ¨Fire¨ No one new how said it but then i shot my musket at the crowed and then I spotted that devil of a man Mr Gray and as sone as I laid my eyes on he I ran at him with my loaded musket and then he tripped and his was my chance he looked scared and in that new world I thought it was fun to shoot him and I did and when I did I felt good and then for fun stabbed him

  • The Civil War- Modern or Napoleonic War? Essay

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    Was the Civil War the first modern war or the last Napoleonic War? This question has plagued historians for years. Joseph Dawson, author of the article “The First of the Modern Wars?” argues that the Civil War was the first Modern War. His view is the commonly accepted one. Alternatively, in his book Battle Tactics of the Civil War, Paddy Griffith compares the tactics used in the Civil War to those used during Napoleon’s time. He counters the common belief and argues that even though the Civil War

  • The Impact Of Gunpowder

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    Everyone knows what a gun is right? But do you REALLY know the impact that gunpowder has caused? Gunpowder has been around for centuries, over millennium. How has gunpowder effected Warfare, and life as we know it? You would never think about how gunpowder may have affected the existence of the electronic device you’re using right now. But its effects are longer lasting than one might have ever thought. The smart phone in your pocket? It exists because of the Industrial revolution, which was powered

  • Steps To Revolution : Valley Forge : Summary : Steps To Revolution

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    Steps To Revolution Valley Forge “General William Howe” I heard over the sound of the howling wind through the valley. “Yes lieutenant,” I mustered. “Do you have any food to spare.” “No lieutenant, I do not,” I said apologetically. I was sitting in a shallow ditch around the tiny fire. The ice and snow feeling like tiny needles on my skin. As I looked around me at the other soldiers, all I saw were the faces of desolation and despair. The wind whipped across my face chilling my bones, reminding

  • Weapons of the American Civil War Essay

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    their enemies without ever having to fire a shot or go into full combat through different types of bombs that were in disguise. Among the advancements in the Civil War were the torpedo, the carbine rifle, the minie` ball, several models of rifle-muskets, rocket launchers, rocket bombs, "Greek Fire," and a wide array of other secret weapons. Torpedoes were quite possibly the most

  • Ferguson's Mountain Essay

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    Kentucky rifle. The long rifle is similar to the British Brown Bess musket, “…it was a muzzle loaded, and flintlock ignited rifle.” (Gordon, 2003) The difference between the Brown Bess musket and the long rifle was its barrel. The long rifle had spiral grooves in the barrel, which allowed the bullet to spin providing greater accuracy and distance. The long rifle had a distance of two hundred yards, “four times than the (Brown Bess) musket.” (Gordon, 2003) The distance and accuracy of the long rifle

  • A Short Story

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    had prepared myself for weeks for the wake up call. I had assembled my horse as well and tonight was the night for a midnight ride to the place. I ran out the door in boots and my night wear. I jumped and swung my leg over the horse and fixed the musket strap to settle across my shoulder. I pressed my heels into her side and she took off. I rode my horse as fast as I could, my heart beating fast. I had been trained for this. I had my muskett by my side loaded and ready for a shot. Earlier that night