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  • Mutual Fund And Mutual Funds Essay

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    growth of the Mutual Funds is very slow and it took really long years to evolve the modern day Mutual Funds. Mutual Funds emerged for the first time in Netherlands in the 18th century and then got introduced to Switzerland, Scotland and then to United States in the 19th century. The main objective behind Mutual Fund investments is to deliver a form of diversified investment solution. Later, the investors had a wide choices of diversified investment portfolio through the Mutual Funds. In India, the

  • Mutual Funds

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    Chapter 04 Mutual Funds and Other Investment Companies   Multiple Choice Questions   1. Which one of the following invests in a portfolio that is fixed for the life of the fund?  A. Mutual fund B. Money market fund C. Managed investment company D. Unit investment trust   2. ______ are partnerships of investors with portfolios that are larger than most individual investors but are still too small to warrant managing on a separate basis.  A. Commingled funds B. Closed-end funds C. REITs D. Mutual funds

  • Mutual Fund: An Introduction A Mutual Fund Is A Form Of

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    Mutual fund: An Introduction A mutual fund is a form of collective investment. It is a pool of money collected from various investors which is invested according to the stated investment objective. The fund manager is the person who invests the money in different types of securities according to the predetermined objectives. The portfolio of a mutual fund is decided taking into consideration this investment objective. Mutual fund investors are like shareholders and they own the fund. The income earned

  • Mutual Fund And Mutual Funds

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    Mutual funds can be dated as far back as 1774, when Adriaan van Ketwich created the first ever trust fund leading to King William I in 1822 getting his idea to create the first documented closed-end investment. It was appealing for investors with small amounts of capital to invest their money together and invest more diversely while reducing risk drastically. It was after this in mutual fund boom in the Netherlands that funds started to take off like this in Switzerland then again in Scotland. This

  • Mutual Fund and Fund Answer A.

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    Question 1 1.   Which type of health insurance pays part of all of the surgeon 's fee for an operation Answer a. surgical expense b. hospital expenses c. physician 's expense d. major medical expense 3 points    Question 2 1.   Health insurance typically includes Answer a. deductibles b. out-of-pocket limits c. co-payments d. all of the above 3 points    Question 3 1.   Driver classification includes information on a person 's                     and is

  • Essay On Mutual Fund

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    Maybe you won't find the single best mutual fund investment for 2015, but you can get hooked up with some of the best funds around if you know what to look for. We're talking about both the stock and bond variety here, and if you think that the best funds for 2015 will be those with the best mutual fund investment management team - think again. These packaged investments are large professionally managed portfolios of securities (like stocks and bonds) where investors pool money by buying shares.

  • Disadvantages Of Mutual Funds

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    Mutual funds are investment plans that let you to pool your money together with additional investors to purchase a collection of securities that might be difficult to recreate on your own. This is often referred to like a portfolio. The price of the mutual fund, also recognized as its net asset value is determined by the total value of the securities in the portfolio, divided by the number of the fund’s unsettled shares. This price varies based on the value of the securities held by the portfolio

  • Mutual Funds Essay

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    Mutual funds are an easy, convenient way to invest, without having to worry about choosing individual stocks. A mutual fund can be defined as a single portfolio of stocks, bonds, and/or cash managed by an investment company on behalf of many investors. The investment company manages the fund, and sells shares in the fund to individual investors. When one invests in a mutual fund, they become a part-owner of a large investment portfolio, along with all the other shareholders of the fund. The fund

  • An Overview of Mutual Funds

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    Mutual Funds - Mutual Funds have become increasingly popular in the last 20 years, with the number of investors rising to 80 million people. This adds up to half the households in America owning mutual funds, with most having a basic knowledge on the matter. A mutual fund is a group of stocks and/or bonds put together, to be invested in as one, and similarly to stocks, investors own shares, which signify a partial ownership on the fund. Making Money off Mutual Funds - Seeing as funds are a collection

  • Mutual Funds Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Direct Mutual Funds A mutual fund is a professionally managed fund that accumulates money from numerous financial specialists to buy securities. There is no legitimate meaning of the word "mutual fund”. It is a collective investment product that are controlled and sold to the general public on a daily basis. Investment in Mutual fund is lot easier than selling and buying of individual stocks. It also gives flexibility to users to sell their fund any time. You can invest in a mutual fund scheme