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  • My Career Choice

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    My career choices you would really want to know what temi has plan I have some interesting career choices which quite for hard working people like me. My career choices are two things I would love to be a lawyer first thing 2nd one I want to be a business woman I love working for myself like a boss you know make your own money control things myself. Lawyer tell people what’s right and what’s wrong for everyone to act right teaching them the right steps and let them know that whoever did something

  • My Career Choice

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    My Career Choice I have decided to become a criminal lawyer because I want to improve the world by putting criminals in jail and defending people who are being falsely accused. I have wanted to be this for a long time, but just to be sure I have taken several career quizzes and found that this is the career best suited for me. This will take a lot of dedication and hard work but I feel that this will be something I will enjoy  doing  for the rest of my life ( or until I retire.)     My School To

  • My Career Choice

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    important decisions in my life is to choose a career that I will enjoy and find interesting for many years ahead. It is important that I have the ability to provide well for myself and future family. In an effort to stay current in the marketplace, I am committed to keeping an open mind as career paths change, and dedicating time for continued education. I believe that my career choices for the future greatly depend upon the knowledge that I have of myself, information regarding my career options, testing

  • Career Essay : My Career Choice

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    My Career Choice When I was in elementary, I remember being asked: "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I remember saying" I want to be a singer or a professional dancer and dance with celebrities." When I was in middle school I realized I wanted to be in the Medical Field and become a pediatrician. Once I started high school, I joined Dinuba High school Medical Academy through this program I got so much information and opportunities' to learn more about what I wanted to be. Even though I

  • My College and Career choices

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    My College and Career choices My three college choices are University of Florida, University of Seattle and Ohio University. Each of these colleges have good qualities for my careers. I’m not very sure what exactly I want to have a career in. Two of my main choices are veterinarian or child care. Some of my concerns are the distance, cost of tuition, the quality of the program, and the recreation at the colleges. University of Florida is my first choice. The tuition for my enrollment

  • My Career Choice For Myself

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    consider another career choice for myself; I always had one career in my heart and to become a teacher. In fact I always felt like I have been preparing for the teaching profession my whole life. As a little girl I would always play pretend with my sisters and make them be my students while I “taught” them. If they didn’t want to play teacher with me, which was often the case, I would play with my stuffed animals and Barbie’s and pretend that I had a whole classroom. Even now as I share my education and

  • My Choice For Choosing A Career

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    I wish to embark on a lifelong career as an academician and a researcher, seeking to expand the boundaries of knowledge and learning in the field of pharmacy. My choice for selecting a career in pharmacy is truly based on my natural flair towards science. As the wonders of sciences in high school inspired me, I decided a career in the area of Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences. The desire to study medical sciences prompted me to consider the study of pharmaceutical sciences as I was always adept at

  • My Career Choice To Be A Pediatrician

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    WHAT THEY DO My career choice is to become a physician, specifically a pediatrician. Physicians, in general, play a big role in society because they are the ones that diagnose and treat patients who come in with illnesses or injuries. Typically, a physician’s duties include examining patients, updating their charts, viewing their medical records, prescribing medications as they see fit, and performing and/or analyzing diagnostic tests. Physicians are in charge of their patients’ health, so they

  • My Career Choice For College

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    After high school, students in the United States have various career choices to choose from. College is a place composed of numerous facets and activities, which offer a variety of avenues for the career-minded to explore, while offering growth and opportunities for advancement. A fine career choice for students to pursue in college in is marketing: planning, directing, and the coordination of marketing policies and programs. Marketing dates back to 1450, when Gutenberg’s metal movable type production

  • My Career Choice Essay

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    I have not fully decided on a career choice, but if you ask me I would pick nursing. I would choose nursing because of the many self rewarding tasks you can achieve while being a nurse. For example helping and tending to an elderly who has no strength to complete tasks anymore because of old age. Nursing is such a great career choice, I can see myself doing well within the career and also being financially stable because of good pay. Also another detail I noticed in being a nurse is how flexible