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  • My Childhood Experience In Childhood

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    up, I recall having a decent childhood before entering elementary school, I was a joyful child. I never really cared much about others or what they said about me, all I ever wanted was to have fun. My parents would describe me as a very hyper child who was always laughing. It seemed that even in the worst situations my hyper activity and laughter could never stop. One time at the airport, I was running around way too much and playing with other people’s luggage. My mother chased me all around the

  • My Experience : My Childhood Experience

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    complain about a long commute to work. People complain about every little issue they may have to deal with; however, because of these complaints, my childhood experiences have made me into the grateful person that I am today. For example, growing up in a farmer’s family in a small village in China, we did not have a restroom in the house. Every day after dinner my neighbor Soey and I would walk two minutes to the neighborhood public restroom. It was built with dark grey bricks, no doors, consisted of no

  • My Childhood Experience

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    Of all the stages of human development, the early childhood period is the most paramount for the development of one’s personality. Just as the last pages of a book are determined by what it written in its beginning, the adult human is mostly shaped by childhood experience. A young child’s experience of the world around them, from conflicts of attachment and security to the demands of their social world, provide a model of what the world is like that they project onto their future relationships and

  • My Childhood Experience

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    are as a person. When most people think of their childhood they think of family night board games. They think of running off to the park with their best friends, laughing on swingsets and hopping scotch until they were out of breath. They have memories of vacations, funny stories at family gatherings, or that one time they fell of their bike and their dad carried them home and put on a bandaid and made all the pain go away. When I think of my childhood, I think of two defining events fairly early on

  • My Adulthood Experience : My Experience Of My Childhood

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    other day that I learned that some of my childhood experiences are partly if not solely, responsible for my current disposition as a young adult. In fact, it would be a daunting task to single out an experience that has been profound to me. That is not to say that my childhood was without its fair share of downs. As a matter of fact, my younger years were characterized by a series of events that seemed to have worked out simultaneously towards almost shaping my future. Some of them were positive while

  • Childhood Memories : My Childhood Experience

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    Childhood Experience My childhood experience began when I was eleven, and was able to spend the summer with my best friend named Corinne, who I had known since the age of three. Once we came from our summer trip, we had an argument that would cause me to live with a lifelong regret. The final part of my experience was going two years of not talking, than getting news that would change me into the person I am today. Overall, my childhood experience consisted of a summer of traveling, an argument

  • My Adulthood Experience : My Childhood

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    My Childhood experience Derek Foster was someone I would think as a nice outgoing person but maybe a little stubborn. Derek Foster works for the college success foundation at Bremerton High School, he helps freshman and sophomore students get ready for college. “I moved to Kitsap County because of work, the job I took while coming back to Washington, i worked at the Silverdale ymca before moving to Bremerton High School.” He explained to us. “I grew up in Lacey, Washington, near Olympia, I was born

  • My Childhood Experience With Social Work

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    the seed that was planted within them. This seed grows to become the roots from their childhood and the leaves of our adult lives. I am not going to say that I have been dreaming of going into social work since I was a little girl or that I was raised in a life filled with social work careers. I would be lying if I said that. But I will say that reflecting on my childhood, my high school years, and even into my adult life, working with children and being a part of the social work field, is something

  • My Experience With Diversity Throughout My Childhood, Marriage, And Career

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    As I reflect over my life, I realize it has been filled with diversity throughout my childhood, marriage, and career. My experience with diversity dates back to birth. I was born and raised in a small town, Moss Point, MS. and notably the last state to abolish slavery, currently has a population of 13,704 people. The town consists of 73% Blacks or African Americans, 23% Caucasian, 1% Hispanic or Latino and 1% bi-racial. Regardless of my town’s homogeneous population, I grew up accepting diversity

  • My Own Worldview Through My Past Childhood Experiences

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    cultural groups experience the world in different ways based on various perspectives. Basically, they have diverse worldviews. According to Sue, “Worldview constitutes our psychological orientation in life and can determine how we think, behave, make decisions, and define events” (as cited in Mio et al., 2012, p.7). The multiple concepts of worldview are important to understand; however, it is also crucial to that I am able to establish my own worldview through my past childhood experiences. I will able