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  • My Favorite Vacation

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    lazy river. Everyone in my family was thrilled, my little brother and sister bouncing up and down on the seats of our family minivan, while my mom attempted to drive to the festival, amidst ear-piercing shrieks, constantly reminding them to calm down. I too was excited, peering up at the brightly colored lights that stretched all the way to the sky. As we pulled into the lot, the rides seemed to loom above, the thought of riding them put a knot in my throat and made my stomach do backflips. We

  • My Favorite Vacation Essay

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    One of my favorite vacations We were all watching tv there was a football game on. My dad got up and asked Graham, Dallas and I to go in to Graham's room. He told us that us three we're going to colorado if we didn't have anything important going on. None of us thought we had anything but it turns out that Dallas, who's a sophomore in high school, had too many test going on so that meant Dallas wasn't going. We were all pretty bummed but not enough to not go. Graham started packing right away. I

  • My Favorite Vacation Spot

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    My Favorite Family Vacation Spot As soon as I got of the plane and breathed in that City air I new my life would change for the better. I was waiting for this day for the past several months. It was the first time I would go with my father and brothers on their “Boys Only Vacation”. I was thrilled at the fact that they would finally let me tag along with them. This year they decided to go to Washington D.C. I had never been to D.C before, and what made it even better was the fact that around the

  • My Favorite Vacation Essay

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    St. Thomas My favorite vacation spot is St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I have been there ten times and every time has affected me in different aspects. Each year that I have gone, I have discovered something new that makes me never want to leave. The people, food, and culture are all so unique because I do not witness it on an every day basis. In the islands there are unique sights, sounds, and smells that let me know I am away from home relaxing and enjoying vacation with family. When

  • My Favorite Family Vacation

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    Have you ever been on a favorite family vacation? I have, and my favorite family vacation is when I went Wisconsin and Illinois to see my niece Karina, my step sister Missy, my Aunt Rena and Uncle Tommy. Before we left we had a lot to do my parents took our dogs to this ladies house that was taking care of our dogs while we was gone. Next my parents drop my brother and I off at my grandparents house to visit them before we left while they picked up the car we are going to drive. It took forever to

  • My Favorite Vacation In The Philippines

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    The Philippines isn't a very common vacation spot for most people, but that makes Mindanao, the Philippines so much better having experienced something most people haven't. There are many things that people can't see going to places like Florida, but Mindanao has magnificent beaches and islands not too far away. Mindanao has some important facts like many small islands make up just the one island of Mindanao. The beaches near the islands of Hinatuan are gorgeous and very relaxing, taking the crazy

  • my favorite summer vacation getaways

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    Have you ever been on a vacation outside of the United States? Vacations can be very enjoyable, fun, and memorable. There are many different vacation destinations that attract visitors and tourists today. Two of my favorite vacations were during the summer months following my completion of fifth and sixth grade. When I was in fifth grade, our family vacationed at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. We went to Wildwood Crest, New Jersey the following year after I completed sixth grade. These destinations

  • Personal Essay : My Favorite Vacation

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    My Vacation This will be my story on my favorite vacation. This vacation was my most recent one in which i went on a cruise. A cruise is taking a ship to other destinations throughout the world. The cruise That i was on Went to 3 different islands. The following will be why this cruise was my favorite vacation ive ever been on. The first place we went to was Florida. We flew down to florida in order to board the ship but we got 1 night before we boarded the ship. Usually when we go down to florida

  • Personal Narrative : My Favorite Vacation

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    and meaningful. It took a while to think of a fond memory, but once I thought of some, it was hard to choose a favorite. Growing up I have had many great experiences in the form of vacations. Between going to Disney World, owning a vacation home, hanging out with my grandparents in Arizona, traveling to Canada and more. They all make amazing memories that I will forever cherish. The vacation spot we go to the most, though, is Wisconsin Dells. A few times I have been allowed to invite friends to come

  • What Is My Favorite Vacation Place Essay

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    Tawas Sometimes getting away from your home for a vacation is much needed for the mind and soul. For me, my favorite vacation place is the beautiful tourist city of Tawas, Michigan. My first exciting visit to Tawas was when I was ten years old. Since then, it has been an annual family trip. My favorite place in the city of Tawas is my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Danny’s cabin that overlooks Lake Huron. They kindly allow us to stay there each summer. The creaking floors and squeaky swing on the lakefront