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  • Zoology Personal Statement

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    zoology because I have had an intense passion for animals for as long as I can remember, and I cannot imagine myself doing anything else as a career. Throughout my life, I have been privileged to live and visit many countries, and thus have have encountered a vast variety of animals, each of which have fueled my interest in the field even more. My childhood was spent outside, in a treehouse, surrounded by various jars where I kept insects that I had caught. I built them habitats, caught their food for

  • My Interest In My Life

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    My dream is to become a doctor and my goal is to get good marks on my test and on most of the subjects. What I like about myself is honest and respect, what I don’t like about myself is not communicate to others and afraid to communicate to others. What bothers me is when no one wants me to be in their group or even say hi to me. The sport that I like are volleyball, badminton, and basketball, and the sport that I don’t like is hockey. I have a very pretty house and there

  • Sports and Injuries: Anterior Cruciate Ligament

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    you have an ACL injury you are normally out of your favourite sports and hobbies for 1 to 3 years. This happens with soccer players as they jump a lot to win the ball which leads to jarring of knee and other key features are getting kicked in the knee, landing on the knee after being tripped and collisions with players and goalkeepers So today I will be showing interesting facts about the injury known as anterior cruciate ligament toward my sport, soccer. How you can prevent this injury and make

  • Relationship Between Grace And Crystal

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    She was a young girl with dark red lipstick, wavy hair, and kind of bossy. Her favourite hobby is really nothing. She loved to hang out with her best friend who was Crystal. Crystal was a nice young skinny girl who was really good in her studies. Grace was 14 and Crystal was 13 a year younger than Grace. Grace and Crystal both go to Hunt Middle School, and they love it there. Crystal used to get straight A’s in her classes. Grace she gets C’s but only in daily grades she gets B’s. Right you might

  • Reflection Paper

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    that the game was over. Unfortunately, Keystone Oaks had won against the Canon McMillan girls’ gold volleyball team, which meant that my game was next. Our first away game! I was excited, but my joy was ephemeral once I realized how good the seventh grade Keystone Oaks team was. Of course, I would not let that frighten me. I played as hard as I could, giving it my all, and I was not ready to let them win. As fate would have it, we lost. But this event is a great example of how I am awkward, defensive

  • Biopsychosocial Interview Essay

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    ld My group’s category was the school aged child. We interviewed a 10 years old girl, named Miss Ng. In this essay, I will be covering about her physical, cognitive, psychological and moral development stages, myopia, and factors that will affect my clients’ wellbeing. Let me give a brief introduction of my client. She is primary 4 and her favourite hobbies are playing the computer games, dancing and doing sports. She lives with her parents, grandparents, younger sister and a maid at a 4

  • My Favourites Essay

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    supplement their pensions or just pay for their hobbies. The way many people have done this is to create a cooperative of different but complimentary styles and genres. This way, no one pays the full amount of rent or utilities on business space and it allows each individual artist the space to show and sell their wares, in a professional setting, without facing the overheads of a

  • My Pastime As A Pastime

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    One of my pastimes was watching movies. Besides Andaz Apna Apna, I would watch the popular movies playing in the theatre (#FastAndFuriousSeries #DhoomSeries), and occasionally watch the movies that play on Sony Max (#Sooryavansham #TarzanTheWonderCar #TheyNeedNewMovies). Can this even be called a hobby? Was I being passionate about my passion? I decided to convert this pastime into a hobby by watching the 250 highest rated movies ever made. It took me three years (nearly 2 movies a week), but it

  • My Experience At School And Outside Of School

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    level mathematics and science in my free time rather than the person who would play video games such as League of Legends or text and socialize in their free time. Time to me is very valuable and I enjoy spending this time learning and spending it wisely while having bits of fun. As myself, I am an immensely ambitious in learning and trying new activities, I am a risk-taker for challenges, and I am highly active as well as self-responsible and creative person. My distinct personality makes me different

  • My Dream

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    Business. Travelling the world. My dream. As young child, I have always been passionate about business and travelling the world. I would love to study International Business with Management at University. By being able to study International Business at University, I will be able to manage a business and also work in locations all across the globe. During my journey throughout high school, I dreamed of opening my own business, managing it myself and always had a natural talent of having great knowledge