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  • My Future Goals: My Goals For The Future

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    My goals for the future are to complete my four years at csub and to receive a degree in history and possibly minoring in photography. i grew up learning about history and i loved it so i would want to become a history teacher and want to teach the importance of the past. I would want to possibly return to west and teach students there or travel to somewhere in california and remain teaching. Someone who has really guided me to become a teacher and to attend college would have to be my mother she

  • My Future Goals

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    The future is a time or a period of time in which we follow through from the moment of speaking or writing our intentions. It is a time that has yet still to come. The future is what we work for, to go through school and have a career, in order to have a better life. My parents have taught me to work hard for the things I want, and I wish to have a bright future. That is one of the reasons why I am here at CI, to get an education that will help me find a career with sufficient salary that will support

  • My Goals for the Future

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    August 17th 2010 My Goals For The Future By: Jennifer Mills WOW! Where do I start? First I will give you a little history about myself. I have always been and have always wanted to be a nurse. I started caring for people when I was 10 or 12 years old I guess? My Granny she was a brittle diabetic, and she was also confined to a wheelchair since 1955. My Mom was real sickly as well so it was my responsibility to care for

  • My Future Goals

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    Everyone’s individual interests can eventually lead a person onto a certain pathway towards their future goals. The pathway towards your goals is not usually a straightforward line directing you easily to your goals in life, instead the pathway one might take is probably a curvy, looping mess of lines with plenty of stops along the way. Ever since I was a little girl I have had many different interests, some I grew out of as I got older, and some that have evolved and become stronger. Most people

  • My Future Goals

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    My involvements in different activities throughout my high school years have lead me to visualize my future goals and make my path towards them. Getting involved has leaded me to my dreams in terms of a healthier and brighter future for me and children around the globe, becoming a chief executive officer of a company related to the fashion industry and accomplish my goals as an athlete. I have been led to this path with the help of my involvement in the food drives, Link crew leaders and terry fox

  • My Future Goals

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    One of the most definite answers about my future goals, when I was young, was “I want to be a doctor.” I commonly caught myself fantasizing about treating patients and using the magnificent machines I see in movies to treat people. My ideas were not motivated by my experience. My ideas were based on movies and other nice stories that I had heard to construct my ideas about my ideal job and education potential. Currently, I wish it was as easy as I once thought. As I have matured and gotten older

  • Goals: The Goal Of My Present And My Future

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    The goals of my past are the result of my present and my future will be. Since I can remember, my life has been characterized by the goals I have set. In the past, I set some goals for example to get my high school diploma in my country and it succeeds in its appointed time and as planned, later I went back to commit myself and choose to establish the most important goal for me at the time that would be to study a university career which change and give a new direction to my life and I did it again

  • Personal Goals: My Goals And Goals For The Future

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    getting work down was also hard because of sports getting in the way. Like for example I had goals and many achievements to think about but neither went as planned.I know making choices or decisions can come to be very difficult but I believe I still have to make the best ones that will affect my future tremendously. Another goal that I would like to keep in mind for 2018 is not having arguments with my friends or family because they lead to bad situations that I don’t want to be caught in.Yes arguments

  • My Future Goals In Life

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    huge goals set for myself and I have had a lot of obstacles that have had a big impact on where I want to go in life. Those obstacles made me realize that maybe I can be different my life and that lead me to where I am today, senior year at Mountain View High School. I’m Caroline Kalcheff, and this is how I used my past issues to develop my future goals and dreams. Within middle school I struggled with a lot, it was a new experience and in those 3 years I learned a lot that has affected my life

  • My Career Goals For The Future

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    One of my career goals for the future is to be happy in any event of what I choose to do. It is very difficult to choose what career is the best for you and if what suitable for you. I am interested in many different types of study. However, I choose to become a nurse in five years from now. I choose this career path because I do like to help other people with their sickness,injuries and struggles in their lives especially when they have any problem in their health, physically or mentally. I have