my goals and expectations essay

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  • Major Writing Assignment

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    (341 words) Looking back at my work, my reading and writing experience in the course has shaped my expectation for college along with my future goals by realizing the challenging obstacles I have to go through in order to succeed. Having expectations is the belief something will occur that you hope for or attempt to achieve, but the truth is expectations only go as far as you push yourself which is where reality comes in to play and you get a reality check. My expectations for this class was for it

  • Organizational Behavior : Motivation, Values, Relationships, And Individual Goals

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    Throughout the decades, organizational Behaviour has played a very important role in the organization’s success. It is a diagnostic study that focuses on teams, motivation, values, relationships and individual goals. As society has been rapidly changing, organizations have had to adapt its own culture for its survival. I believe understanding organizational behaviour has helped a lot of companies to stay successful in their respective market and helped them to evolve the way they approach and treat

  • Performance Management And Appraising Employee Performance

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    start; however I can now see how they connect too many other aspects of my role as a supervisor. At the onset of this course, an increase in negative employee behaviour was my main reason for selecting performance management, more specifically discipline, as an area that could be improved on. However, I failed to see how my weaknesses and the organizations lack of policy were contributing to the employee’s discontent. My first goal was to create and implement a discipline policy and, using the knowledge

  • Finance Plan

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    already created a financial plan for my family and me. I’ve been gainfully employed for the last 11 years at a local career training school in downtown Cleveland and have been promoted multiple times so my goals and aspirations will be a little different than most of the class. For the purpose of this assignment, I will create a new 5 year plan, which will probably go up in smoke as soon as my wife has our first baby (due in less than 2 months), and will use my experience in the workforce as well

  • Creating A Positive And Productive Classroom Environment

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    classroom of my own, I will have several behavior goals for my students. I want to set up a classroom contract that lists all of the classroom expectations and one of my main goals is to have students follow this contract. I also want my students to respect one another and me and take ownership of their behaviors. Another behavior goal is to have my students focus on their own work and to not disturb the other students who are learning. No matter what grade I teach, another goal of mine is to have my students

  • College Reflection

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    college are the expectations of every student from college to meet their goals throughout their learning period in order to be success. Also at the same time students should meet the expectations of a larger community and society around them. Consequences of failing to those responsibilities may be vary. Students get their consequences based on what they did. Those consequences are for student to deeply recognize and be aware of their mistakes. Students need to understand the expectations of the society

  • Personal Goals : My Personal And Professional Goals

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    Stepping across the stage for my high school graduation in 1996 I thought I knew it all. Everything would come to me served on a platter, twenty-one years later; I am still looking for that platter. My expectations that day were high, my dreams were higher, the only challenge I faced was how I going to get there, honestly, I didn’t know. If my reality was lined up to my expectations and dreams you wouldn’t be reading this. Reflecting on my personal and professional goals, I will never be satisfied

  • Personal Statement: My Short Term Goals

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    and many more which will prove my candidacy an excellent decision. Goals make up a big part of my life, without them I would be lost and unable to navigate my anticipated future. My short term goals tie into my long term goals and ensure that my future will be brighter than the societal norms for ethnic children. One major short term goal of mine is to complete high school, upon completion I will attend the college I selected as fit for me. Another short term goal is being admitted into medical

  • Expectations And Expectations In College

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    Expectations and Goals As a new freshman, the next four years of my life can seem extremely daunting, with huge possibilities as to the kind of person that I want to be when I graduate. College is known as a transformation period in the life of a young adult, and I hope to take full advantage of this time. By setting expectations and goals for myself, hopefully I can be successful as I seek out the person that God wants me to be. I have set up, and outlined, academic, spiritual, and personal goals

  • My Classroom Management Plan Essay

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    classroom management               My philosophy of classroom management is characterized by a teacher-centered approach. I believe that the teacher is the leader of the classroom and should determine the learning needs of the students. To have an effective classroom management, I would begin the school year by dedicating some time in educating my students on the class rules, expectations, and consequences. I would strictly emphasize that these rules, expectations, and consequences are to create a