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  • My Goals In College

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    Every experience that I have faced in my life has made me the person I am today. Every up and down has affected me one way or another. Good or bad; I would never change anything that has happened to me. It has allowed and pushed me to grow up in a way that I never thought I could. I have been blessed with so many adventures and opportunities throughout my high school career. I have many goals that I hope to accomplish while at college. The college that I want to attend is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • My College Goals

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    I decided to attend college because I want to make you proud and show you that I want to be successful in life. College has so many distractions that can keep me from not being successful if I let the distractions distract me. I believe in myself and I know that none of those distractions won’t bother me. Partying and hanging with friends is cool from time to time but at the end of the day, youre not paying for me to go to school to party and not get an education. Hard work, dedication and being

  • My Goals In College

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    an aspiring high school student, of course the thought of college would be on my mind. To make it become a reality, I’ll need all the support I can get, especially when it comes to financial resources. Of course as a high school student I’m bound to have life centered goals. As a short term goal I plan to graduate high school, which I will accomplish this coming May. Another goal would be getting a summer job to help my mom start paying my university’s tuition. I know that a summer job will not secure

  • My Personal Goals And My Goals In College

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    with college since I was a child. It sounds ridiculous, but I am passionate about what I want to do. I was inspired at a very young age since I was in third grade, and I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. A teacher for what grade is what I did not know. As my family grew bigger with my nephews and nieces, I realized that I wanted to be surrounded by kids. I put what I wanted with my passion and got major. My intended major is to receive a double major in Primary and Elementary education, my goal

  • My Career Goals : My Goals To College

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    education and strong, somebody who knows what she is doing and can be the boss. My goals describe the type of inspiration I have, the perseverance to be the best and to love what I do. I want to graduate with my business degree from a school that will teach me and give me the education that I deserve. My goals are to have a career that i’m proud of and where I can earn a good amount of money while knowing that I did my job right. This journey is not going to be easy, but that is what makes the outcome

  • My Personal Goals : My Goals For College

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    1st goal Getting good grades is something my family emphasizes extremely. I have had a 4.0 GPA since the 9th grade and it’s something I feel pride in. This goal is very important to me because I want to study at Michigan University and hopefully study abroad in London. Having such a high GPA gives me a sense of comfort. If I achieve my goal it’ll be like I finally worked extremely hard for something. As a teen I don't get many chances to work this hard for something I want. Attaining this GPA hasn't

  • My Goals For College Essay

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    your goals. It is like trying to bake a cake, but you do not how or what you should use to make that cake. You will not have a delicious cake unless you know it is recipe. Recipes are like planes in our lives, they show us how to move forward to approach what we are willing for. As I am planning for my life, I put education and graduating from high school, getting into a good college and university, and building a nice future with an excellent job as my main steps in life to reach my goals. To

  • My Goal In College Essay

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    What is my goal in ENG4U? All of the students taking this course in the summer has one goal in mind, get it over with, and get a decent grade that we would be happy with. For me though, I want to achieve more than just a good mark in this class, I want to take away knowledge that will help me in furthering a career in life or helping me get through everyday situations that life will throw at me as I go through it. This course could teach me so much about who I really am if you look at it in a

  • Pursuing My College Goals

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    two pounds and a couple ounces of me. At four months, my mother and father adopted me, and as I matured, my parents enlightened me with the use of books, films, religion, and art. They were not the richest couple in the world, but still insisted on making up for it with firm, unwavering support. Now that I look at the prospects of my future, I am eager to pronounce my college goals. Any outside aid that could be granted to me would surly allow my academic plans to run far more smoothly. It is not

  • My Life Goals For College

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    Most of my pre-teen years I thought I was not able to go to college. I thought it was too expensive and that only the smart people and people who had enough money could go. Until I got to middle school, I found out about scholarships and how they can really help students of parents with low income go to college. I wanted to learn more and more about programs that help students like me. I wanted to make my parents proud but most importantly, myself. I think college is a gateway to a million possibilities